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Standing there next to Thechn'e looking at the horizon rifles locked and ready we await  the inevitable, knowing there is still more to come. I lean over and whisper to Thechn'e "How often do we see only one wave?" , he quietly chuckles " we've never seen them this active this close to sunrise, they must be getting desperate." I continue to look north until twilight comes, actually wishing more of those bastards would try and take The line. my anger at what they have taken from us as the human race makes me blood thirsty. as it does every other man on the line, we all have that "1000 mile stare" that evolves as our anger and drive for killing grows. as the mist slowly turns white as the sun rises above the horizon we can see what last nights battle left behind, strewn 700 yards north is a trail of black fur and glowing blood. closure to the fact that we once again held our line against insurmountable odds. The life expectancy of a man on the front line is about 5 months, Thechn'e and I have been here over 3 years. somehow we have risen above the odds jointly to the fact that we trust no one but each other and have each other's backs at any given moment. Thechn'e leans over and whispers "okay I need some coffee, sun is up they aren't coming " I laugh at the fact that the only thing this guy needs is coffee after almost dying less than 30 minutes ago. we leave our trench and head down to the bunker which is what's left of a sewer tunnel dug out and fortified with wooden beams. its damp its dark but its home. down here we see familiar faces that we see every day, men who we have fought next to for the past...whenever. we never get close to them because we know within the next 6 months there will be new faces we are staring at. we mentally count the faces in our heads that we do not see. we never talk to each other about it or even show that we do it, but we both do. I go over to where I was taking my cat nap before I got a face full of dirt and set down Thechn'e comes back and plops down next to me, he has been sneaking into the captain's quarters and stealing us some instant coffee (I'm sure the captain knows but he never says anything to us) warm coffee is not on the menu, I pick up a tin can from the ground and go over to a leaking pipe and fill it with cold water. Thechn'e pours in the instant coffee and we sit there not saying a word enjoying our cold brew.

The End

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