Close Calls are no so Close anymore.

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Time stands still, the sounds of combat fade away and my mind wonders to the fact that this Alpha is less than 50 yards from me and closing fast. I have one chance, one shot, and he will be in this trench ripping my throat out. I squeeze the trigger slowly exhaling focused on the 1 foot round ball of a furry head I have to shoot at. beads of sweat drip from my forehead, my hands bond with this weapon in my hand. time at this moment is truly relevant to me, this weapon, and this furry ball of glowing death closing in on me. CLICK! the round is a dud..time snaps back to reality I can literally hear the deep growling scream of the alpha less than 15 feet from me! letting instinct take over in one motion I cycle the action of my weapon ejecting the dud while putting another in the chamber and pulling off the round before the action is fully closed, directly in the alpha's head at point blank range. the momentum of its body flings itself into the trench right on top of Thechne 's head. which in turn scares the holy crap out of him and he jumps up beating its dead body with the stock of his rifle like a crazed maniac. I re-shoulder my weapon cycle the action and pump another shot into an oncoming creature wounding it to the point to where it cannot move. I look to the east and see that down the trench the creatures have crested it and are now getting slaughtered by our men, I look west and see the same. directly in front of me are two creatures running directly at us, knowing i have two shots left I whistle to Thechn'e  as he looks up i toss him my rifle and hold up two fingers he knows what that means "two shots" I jump down and grab his rifle and slide my 3rd stripper clip into the magazine, i cycle the action and aim directly east down the trench, (my experience tells me there will be one or two that make it past our guys down there) sure enough a creature comes hurling through the smoke clawing and screaming like a banshee rolling itself into chaotic poses coming straight at me, I take it quite easily at this range with one shot. I look up to see Thechn'e squeeze off his last round into the 2nd creature and everything goes instantly quiet. no more screams no more shots just quiet, I hop up and look north next to Thechn'e  as I reach into my side pack and hand him my last stripper clip without even looking at him, staring to the north waiting for more to come. 

The End

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