Back in Battle

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Thechn'e looks down at his watch and up at me and whispers, "only an hour til daybreak". I continue to scan what bit of horizon I can see looking for that faint white glow of hair in the distance. Thechn'e is busy trying to get as much mud on the top of the trench as he can before they come, the more mud the better in my opinion. down the line to the east, I hear the sounds of men screaming and small arms fire so I know the wave is headed our way. I motion to Thechn'e about the men and he whispers "that's a mile away keep your eyes out they will be hitting us any minute" about that time we both hear the low hum of a drone. (drones are flying creatures that do not attack but give the rest of the incoming wave an idea of where we are, they sense our heat much like pythons do. they always fly over before a wave of creatures come in for an attack, there is no use in shooting at them it will only aid in them giving away your position.) he whispers "it's not far north, it's going to pass a little west of us but we need to get down" so we both hunker under our wet soppy trench coats (this helps hide the heat signature). as I am laying here under my soppy fabric heat shield my mind wonders back to my first days on the lines, how much we didn't know about this foe and how far we have come since then . After a short while the hum passes and we get out from under our coats Thechn'e hops up on the edge of the trench and looks to the north then looks back at me. they motion me to come over. I hop up and look in the same direction and about 600 yards out we see them, at least 30 to 40 creatures headed for our line we hop back down and grab our rifles then ready ourselves for what's coming next, we can hear them coming and use the sound to judge their distance seeing as we cannot see them from the bottom of the trench, Thechn'e is slowly counting down every 25 yards "600, 575,550,.." he looks at me and says "okay at 300 we pop up and take out the alpha, without him they can't retreat" and keeps counting "500, 475, 450, 425..." then looks down at his weapon then up at me "oh crap!" he exclaims "I'm running dry I've got one mag" the look of terror on his face is nothing like I have ever seen from him before, this is the man that took one of these down with nothing other than a flare gun and a crowbar he simply does not know fear. I look at mine then into my side pack, I've got 5 mags just enough to keep myself alive much less him. I reach down and grab one and toss it to him, I say "this is all I can spare I've got your back" he nods then looks up and screams "300!" we both pop up and I fire the first shot hitting one at a glancing blow on its right leg the steel core round passes right through and it face plants right where it stands. I cycle the action pump another round in the gun and fire another round into the neck area of the same creature, it lets out a curling scream as its bleeding out, Thechn'e by this point is making impossible headshots and breastplate shots as many as he can, cycling the action on his weapon as though it is an extension of his body, after his 8th shot he screams "I'm out!" and ducks back down into the trench. I look left then right seeing that I am the only man with a gun for 25 yards east or west down the trench so try to take as many as I can, my third shot is a headshot instantly killing the creature my 4th is at a smaller adolescent creature near the right side of the pack missing then watching as someone else take it out, at this point I am looking for the alpha, which is nowhere to be seen (their UV reflection is a pinkish instead of a washed out greenish white) I think to myself "it has to be in the middle of the pack", I cycle the action of my weapon and slide my 2nd stripper clip in and slam one in it, I pull up aiming blindly in the middle of the pack now less than 125 yards away, I pull a round off and one goes down, wounded but down for now. I quickly cycle the weapon and put another round in the same spot in the crowd, another hit this one veers to the left and I Alpha.

The End

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