The World Has Changed a Bit

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In 2055 scientists in Moscow and the USA picked up a strange signal coming from within the earth, these were radio signals nothing like the ones the earth creates on a normal basis. These had intelligent patterns and were concentrated under northern Siberia. After sending a team to the area nothing was found. until 2056 when the earth blew apart, a 500-mile long crack going from Surgut to Bhakta opened and out came the most hellish creatures the world has ever seen, these creatures look like a chimpanzee but with long black hair and UV reflective teeth claws and eyes and the tips of their hair glow as well. These creatures were well aware of our weapons and had been well suited to combat it, their hair acts as an active armor that can harden on contact with anything creating a thick bullet/fire/baseball bat proof shell. They have rudimentary weapons such as natural carbon fiber clubs and mortar cannons but use their teeth and 12-inch claws more than the latter. The only way to take one of these 2000 lbs. behemoths are to put a well-placed bullet into the breastplate on the bottom of the animal (which is nearly impossible). They attack fast and chaotic with no rhyme or reason to their movements, they attack without remorse or any distinction between targets, just killing anything that moves. once their initial attacks took place so long ago Russia and the united states spearheaded the counter attacks, they said the fight would only last a few months at the most, that was more than 100 years ago.....the US and Russia used everything in their arsenal to defend the rest of the world from this growing "Fungus" that are the creatures. After 20 years of constant fighting the US finally backed out of the campaign due to the Financial Burden it had put on itself, that same winter the creatures crossed the North Pole and destroyed all of the north, central, and South America. This leaving the last humans on earth being below the Himalayan Line (Named after the Mountain range that creates an unarmed barrier along 25% of the line) everything above this line is either charred or consumed by these creatures. The only weapons left to defend ourselves are old Soviet-era rifles and Assault rifles due to the fact that everything else has been used up or is basically useless against this particular foe, most infantry units are issued the Old but reliable Mosin Nahant infantry rifle. These rifles are chambered for the 7.62 x 54R Rounds which just so happens to be Stockpiled in southern Russia and is by in large an armor-piercing round, which is extremely useful for punching through the armor of these creatures. The more specialized units ( like the Human recovery unit that crosses the Himalayan Line to help civvies make the trek through the hell that is the last five miles) are issued AK-47's in many variances (it's whatever is in the crate they bust open ranging from Kobra's to AKM's), these are issued due to the abundance of rounds and the high rate of fire, although not suited for frontal attacks to the creatures they work well to keep them at bay with the high rate of fire unleashing on their armor they do not charge our units for fear of exposing their breastplates to a stray bullet. Fuel does not exist, this was used up long before now, tanks are now only a safe place to sleep and a big wall to move. The trucks and cars from the petroleum age now litter the landscape and are only suited for cover to stay hidden from their drones, nothing more.

The End

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