Lines in the Sand

Set in the trenches near the border of Kazakhstan and Russia one young man fights for His own survival, A weird highly advanced species has emerged from the tundra of north Russia, the year is 2145 and the world is polluted beyond remission. human technologies have not advanced past the year 2056 due to the ongoing war.

I stare up at the bright blue sky laying down watching the clouds go by, around me is a quiet countryside here in southern Russia it is spring which means the fields are golden with this year’s wheat crop. the warm sun beams down and makes me feel at ease, the distant sound of a spring thunderstorm coming over the mountains eases me to sleep,  after hours of laying here I awake to the sounds of crickets chirping and my mother calling from the house, Its dinner time. I run towards the house because I know what this Sunday evening meal will Offer. As I get up to the porch my mother holds out her hands and I go in for a hug we hold each other in a tight embrace for a short moment the she looks at me. Her eyes begin to go straight and her face begins to wrinkle as though she has seen something that would suck her breath straight from her body, her eye sockets begin to turn black as the distant thunder grows louder. Her hands are on my shoulders and begin to tighten, she looks back into my eyes as the color in hers slowly fade to pure white, the thunder is growing even louder now! She opens her mouth to scream but nothing sand falls out of her mouth then BOOM! I awake to a cloud of dust falling on my face my commanding officer is screaming something but I cannot hear, my ears are pounding and ringing so loudly all I can do is stare at him blankly, then another great shake hits further from bunker as my hearing slowly comes back I can hear him screaming at me to grab my weapon and get the hell out of here, I grab my rifle and head up the short flight of stairs into the trenches, it’s raining but I cannot see clouds its pitch black minus the plumes of fire in the distance, that cast an orange glow over the barren fields before me mud, mud everywhere. in the chaos I hear another mortar coming in (the light whistle usually attributed to a mortar no longer exists these now have a greenish glow and buzz as they fall, when they hit a great splash of red hot plasma coats everything within 30 yards and burns it til there is nothing left.) as I hear it coming in I duck beside the Entrance to the bunker it hits down the trench about 60 yards away, I stand up and run down into the first trench ahead of me, as I go in my best friend Trechn'e is waiting on me hunkered down under an old piece of tin stuck in the trench wall above him. He takes one look at me laughingly screams "you know I hate this rain, but I love that falling hot metal!" we both laugh as another mortar comes falling in, this one is closer to us but to the north about 40 yards  shy of the trenches, it hits with a loud boom and glows up the pond just ahead. the rain begins to subside so Trechn’e comes out from his Tin roof and looks outside the trench toward the north, he looks back at me and says " man I hope these mortars keep coming in, you know they won’t drop em on their own kind, as long as they keep pounding us we can make it til day." just then the rain lets off at little and there is a strong easterly wind that hits us. we both look at each other and our eyes widen and we both jump up to look north, the mortars have stopped, they will not fire them in a cross wind for fear of hitting their own kind down the trenches to the east or west. Trechn'e looks at me grabs his rifle and I grab mine. We dig in and prepare for what’s coming next.

The End

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