I think it important to tell you now so you understand this ‘system’ of sorts. The world you are in now is the first universe, not in the sense that it is the oldest or the first to be made because I have no knowledge of those matters. Continuing from what I was saying in the first place, you know and live in the first universe. Outside this is the second universe, something like emptiness or a place of nothing. This is then contained by an outer realm of the third and final universe which is where I am now, both in this story I am recalling and in the current time. If you want a more visual description; then imagine the first universe to be a foetus, the second universe the womb and the third to be the Mothers body. I’m not sure if it actually operates like that but nonetheless, let the story continue.

So there we were stood, in an apparent meadow of healing white. I use the term healing because there is simply no other way to describe the overwhelming effect it gave. Argent was able to stand by himself, but still appeared tired and weak; Sapphire looked concerned for his team-mate but retained a good composure.  Jack and Mr Ward were a few metres ahead of us and seemed to be inspecting the onyx and metal stick that apparently brought us here.

“It didn’t work properly, were they trying to come through? Did they follow?” Jack squealed in panic as Mr Ward swiped the object from her grasp.

“They did not, thank goodness. However, it will need to be fully resurrected before we can go back”

“What exactly is going on? Where the hell are we now?” Sapphire barked insistently, demanding a response. Argent and I both looked to our apparent superiors for an explanation. Jack and Mr Ward hesitantly looked towards each other for a few moments before facing us. Mr Ward said something along the lines that we were currently in the ‘clear grasses’ and that although it wasn’t exactly where we were supposed to be taken, it wasn’t a problem so long as the damned didn’t follow.

“So what happens now? We’re finally in this Otherworld; do our souls get taken for judgement? Are we to be reincarnated?” I questioned.

“Heavens above no! Do not be so daft child, we are going to the mission briefing” Mr Ward chuckled at my stupidity. I wanted to argue that he shouldn’t laugh since we had been so uninformed of matters, but Sapphire and Argent silently followed like two unquestioning dogs and I decided it would be the best option, if not the only one, to follow them into the surrounding white haze.

The haze seemingly burned around us till we were stood in a room. For now I won’t spend too time describing the size or purpose or architecture of the room; but it appeared to be carved from marble. And I say carved because the room had no windows or sources of external lighting and it was somewhat stuffy, in the sense that the air seemed old and not very fresh. The two giants ushered us towards an onyx door, very similar in detail to the stick with the metal and scribing. It flew open and lead into a great hall; one that was very much like the ancient amphitheatres. The rows where people stood (or sat) encircled a central area that was made to feel like a pit by its location. However this room seemed much brighter despite there being no source of light, or rather none that I could see. There was also a long wooden table with chairs, something that appeared to be stolen from earth because it certainly wasn’t the type of furniture I expected to see in a place like this. Mister Ward told us to sit and so we did, the three of us, at this table while they stood waiting and tall and silent. A long, long time passed before they moved. Of course, there was no way of telling the time in that place; yet I was aware. They came and sat opposite us, leaving a seat to our side, the head of the table. Once they sat, they bowed their heads slightly and remained motionless, even when a march of armour appeared from nowhere; a being, a knight, in black spiked armour sat at the head of the table.

“The Briefing begins”.

The End

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