Case 5)


The clock read three am as I was awoken to the incredibly loud noise of a door being kicked open; soon followed by Mr Ward shouting something along the lines that he was walking to the door to open it and they should have waited. I jumped to my feet and groggily walked over to the door to see what all the commotion was about. All I saw was Mr Ward laying down someone down on the sofa.

“Is he going to be alright?” someone asked.

The voice sounded familiar, but I shook that thought off as I stepped out from my bedroom. Mr Ward and two others were fussing over this person now, and one of the two attendants was nearly as tall as Mr Ward. As for the other person I couldn’t see who it was, so I walked over to see what exactly the fuss was.

“Argent!” I screamed as I saw my cousin bleeding to death. I ran and somehow moved the tall woman aside to hold his hand. I knelt next to him as he tried to speak my name.

“What happened?” I shouted without intending to, he was passing in and out of consciousness and his blood was pouring all over the polished stone floor.

“He tried to . . . to stop one of them-” the boy started.

“I grabbed him and we ran here, away from them” she said, standing to her full height.

I looked between them both; expecting someone to do something. After a minute or so Mr Ward stood and looked the woman in the eyes.

“I understand” he said solemnly, looking down in pity to Argent.

“Jack, take him into that bedroom at the far end. Make sure he is comfortable, I need to speak to these two first”

She nodded and carefully picked him up, walking quickly to where Mr Ward had told her to take him.

“I’ll do what I can, but . . . Lexine . . . he may end up like you” he said before removing his blazer and throwing it aside on the floor, running to where Argent was.

The door slammed and the boy looked to me.

“How do you know Argent?” he asked defensively. I saw that he must have been around seventeen and was shoulder-height to Mr Ward, meaning he was a good height . . . for a human.

“He’s my cousin, what is he to you?” I retorted, not liking his tone.

“I . . . We were part of a team”

“Were you the alpha or beta pair?” I asked. I understood what he had meant by saying ‘team’. In Project Patchwork we were put into teams of four and those teams consisted of two pairs; the ‘alpha’ pair would be the leading couple whilst the ‘beta’ would be the support. It was an idea, I suppose, for battle.

“Alpha” he replied, breaking his amber eyes away from my gaze.

A silence ensued and we both took our places in the seats adjacent to the bloody sofa, however, it broke as I inquired the circumstances leading up to my kin’s current situation.

“What happened Sapphire?”

“Right when I woke up, after she injected the antidote, the guards were after us . . . she got us out though”

“Antidote?” I shrieked standing up. He asked what was wrong and I grasped the hair at the sides of my head. I was near crying now, and I tried to reason things. If that woman had an antidote and enough to save Argent and Sapphire then why could he let me live? If he was treating that horrific, mortal wound on Argent’s back then why couldn’t he treat the poison that was in me? Then I was being shouted at, amber eyes panicking at the sight of mine. Sapphire was shouting my name.

“What’s wrong? Why did you shout?” he asked nearly shouting.

I shook my head to try calm as I took back my seat. I could feel the tears swelling up in my eyes as I looked out onto the early morning.

It was eight O’clock when the woman came from the room and sat herself on the chair Sapphire had left. He had gone in my room to sleep about an hour or so back. She sat with her clasped together as in prayer.

“I think your cousin will pull through, Mr Ward is really good at physical re-construction” she said quietly. She had the same colour eyes as him, but hers looked much more alive and vibrant; more human in a sense.

“Thank-you” I gasped.

“I’m Jack” she said, looking up to me although her gaze flickered as she tried to smile. I started to introduce myself, but she nodded as if she already knew about me and sat back in the chair sighing loudly, pushing back the quiff in her yellow hair.

“There are beasts appearing all over the nine planets-”

“-What do you mean nine planets?” I cut in, nearly jumping from my chair.

“What you Terra call the ‘Solar System’, and yes there is life on other planets. I believe you would call them aliens.”

I sat there mystified. I knew from the first time I saw Mrs Seyfert or any of the people at Project Patchwork that they weren’t from this world. But to be having this giant tell me that aliens exist was-

“-they’re not really all that different from you actually, so I wouldn’t really get too excited. They kinda look like you and the rest of your kind but they obviously have adapted to their worlds.”

“Alright” I nodded. We were going off topic.

“We are, aren’t we?” she chuckled, before Mr Ward shouted her name in a tone of near-panic. Without saying anything she jumped from the chair and bolted to the room.I was left in that chair, my mind was a mess: the world beyond, life, death, aliens . . . Although at the time I wanted no-one else but someone to talk sense to me; I think it was better that I was left alone for those few hours. Once in a while I could hear Argent screaming then Jack would quickly chant something to calm him or make him fall asleep; I couldn’t exactly tell which. Sapphire slept till around three in the afternoon and didn’t say much else till Mr Ward and Jack walked out of the room and sat themselves tiredly on the sofa. Jack looked reasonably calm while Mr Ward’s previously perfectly bleached-white shirt was now a bloody tie-dye mess.

“We have to wait for an hour, to give him rest” Mr Ward sighed, as he hung his head down. It felt like the longest hour of my life.

The End

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