“Get up” a voice echoed. It felt like I had barely just closed my eyes when I had heard it. I was completely out of it when I heard it, in that stage where you’re half-way between awareness and unconsciousness.

“Now” this time it was far, far clearer, distinctly male. I willed myself to open my eyes, but my body was heavy; just like flu but since it was a strong poison as opposed to a mere virus, it hurt much more.

“I said, get up!” the voice was much more aggressive now, and a heavy weight was placed upon my left shoulder, shaking me. My muscles screamed in agony from the simple gesture.

After what seemed like a long time, my eyelids had the strength to lift and allow me to see what was in front of me for a few seconds. What I saw were what seemed to a pair of legs clad in dark trousers.

“I’ve had enough, we need to go. Now!” it spoke again, as if it were straining itself shout beyond what would be considered polite. I felt a hand slip behind me, placing itself onto my back so to push me forward a little, and then another went under my knees to pick me up. I was still unable to see anything, but my hearing was slowly being restored to its original state. Whatever had picked me was very tall, I knew that from how long it took to stop moving up; and now I really wanted to regurgitate. The light that came from the door was visible from underneath my eyelids and now I forced myself to open them. I saw the door, and from the corner of my eyes were Argent and Sapphire still chained to walls. But they weren’t alive, I knew from the way they were so still (especially how still Sapphire was for once). The pallor and blood dripping from the ears and eyes made a sight that I still can’t forget . . . nonetheless I became aware of the blood on my face, as sensation in my skin was now restoring.

I breathed loudly, trying to make myself able to speak. My lungs hurt, and so did my chest, everywhere hurt, the pain was really coming now, searing and taking over my senses.

“Hel-Help” I whispered, by then I was quite thirsty and had used up all my strength in forming that one word. Wouldn’t he help Argent and Sapphire too?

“You are quite alright” he said, the voice boomed and echoed in my ears, now my head hurt a lot more.

“I’ve got you”

“Help-” I tried again, crying now from the pain in my parched throat.

“Quiet now or they will hear you” I didn’t quite understand why he only said “you” when there were two of us talking. ‘It doesn’t matter’ I said to myself in my head ‘You’re dying Lexine, this is a hallucination caused by your brain shutting down’

“I assure you it isn’t” he said, sounding slightly annoyed.

“We’re going now” and the thing took a step forward, that one step felt being hurled around in rollercoaster when you don’t have a stomach such things. The door opened and we moved out into the hallway. The lights burned in eyes as I opened them but it was something I would have to endure; this time they stayed open and I finally was able to see the thing that had the voice. It was a man, probably in his late thirties, dull brown hair, bright grey eyes and slight frown lines forming, not visible until you looked for them, and he wore a dark blue suit pinstripe suit with silver-framed glasses. Very snappy.

He muttered something I couldn’t hear and set me down on my feet, holding my forearms until I found my balance. All the while I looked to his eyes, even as he let me go to stand by the wall. He stared at me then, and I was unable to read any expression. Although earlier I had stopped, I was crying now, shaking. I was in pain. It was cold. I wanted a drink and someone to help me. But he just stood there and watched me as the guards ran around the corner. He watched as I tried to walk towards them, my blood pouring onto the floor, my hands tried to block out the lights as I stumbled, screaming my hardest for help; who is that man? Why won’t anyone help? Finally they screamed and so did I, I screamed as the bullets tore and pushed themselves through flesh, bone, and organ alike. They ran and then I cried as I lay there on the floor, dying finally as he picked me up once more and walked away with my dead body in his arms.

The End

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