The white room wasn’t exactly the most peaceful or reassuring of settings. The three of us had been in here for quite some time, although there was nothing to confirm it, I had estimated it to be little over twenty-four hours. Argent, with his newfound pride, was strutting up and down the cell in a fairly annoying manner. Sapphire, on the other hand, was stood in front of the door; I think it might have been the door, the panels on the walls and floors made it impossible to tell. Nonetheless, he was stood facing the cushioned surface gazing with intent, almost as if he could see beyond it. I was simply sat on the one bed twiddling my thumbs.

 “Lexine” Argent spoke, stopping half-way in the room as if someone had pressed a ‘pause’ button.

“You worked in this sector, didn’t you?” he asked. He had this way of getting information out of you, you see, he asked very innocently, much like a begging puppy but his large red eyes would stare right into you and BAM. Before you knew it, you had spilled the beans on where the buried treasure was (there actually wasn’t any buried treasure, it was a figure of speech).

“That I did. Why?” I asked, my tone of voice matching his.

“Well, what happened to people who were brought in? You know, after they were experimented on?” he asked. By now, Sapphire had turned around and was staring intently at me; it really was quite an intimidating stare as well, the kind you’d expect to see in a game of Poker or when negotiating with bank-robbers holding someone hostage. I hesitated you see, I didn’t know if we were allowed to talk about them.

“What happens Lexine?” Sapphire growled, I hated how he looked just like some animal, wild amber eyes and menacing stature.

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough. We all will.” I answered, smug grin on my face. Now I had gotten bored with twiddling my thumbs and now was nibbling on my nails, it was ages since they had last fed us.

The door opened and it was one panel to the left of Sapphire (how embarrassing for him).Inside came three armed guards. They didn’t speak; actually now that I mention it I had never seen or heard any of them speak, odd. Nonetheless they came and bound our hands and feet through the means of bracelets. These weren’t just any kind of bracelets, they were highly magnetic but only enough so that you couldn’t pull them more than six or seven inches apart. It was a brilliant invention as well because the guards had the master bracelets which meant you could be held prisoner in any space they saw fit; the direct configurations of them however, I knew not of.

Down the white plastic hallways we were lead, left then another left then down then right. It wasn’t two minutes before we reached our destination. It was the room where they were brought and that was the end of it as far as I concerned. Fitting how I had sent so many here, and now I had practically sent myself to this place.

I looked behind me. Argent had his head hanging down, I suppose he realised there was no point trying to struggle or run; he had given up. Sapphire was stood behind him, glaring like a madman betwixt the guards and myself. I smiled to him and turned around to watch the guard enter the code into the access point. The door slid open and we were lead inside into the dark room. Inside, we were attached to the wall by the master bracelets. That was another thing with the bracelets, once you had them on you couldn’t touch the master bracelet, or pull them off. It seemed like magic.

The guard exited the room, and we were left in the dark. I was just about to make out the two other figures. One of the CCTV cameras in the upper corner of the room turned to see the three of us better.

“Please wait while you are anesthetised for a routine procedure” a voice crackled from seemingly nowhere.

We knew it was a lie. I heard Argent weep softly and saw him curl up, accepting the fate to come with some dignity; which was more than could be said for Sapphire. The invisible gas came from the fake CCTV camera and filled the room until Argent’s weeping grew quieter and quieter, and Sapphire’s struggling was put to a halt; he was knocked out in one blow. I myself, put my head against the wall and went to sleep.

The End

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