Thief vs LoveMature

Two Ex-lovers, One Alice Douglas is a thief with Elijah Torres on her heals to try to bring her down. At one point in time both of them were happy and spent almost 3 three together and almost got married. Now Elijah is trying to bring Alice home, poor sap still loves her.

The moon had completely covered the sun, leaving behind darkness. A total eclipse. Through the darkness I still knew where I was going. It didn't matter where I was coming from. Just where I was going. I knew Alice would be waiting for me. The snow was rather deep; hard to get through. Still, I had to get there. Alice would never let me live it down if I were late.


 “Yo, bellhop, help me out.” The poor young boy was wearing a stereotypical bellhop uniform. I sighed. If anything, Elijah would be right behind me, by a few days of course.

Yes Miss Douglas.” Thats much better, bellhop boy. Both he and I went to my room. I gave him a generous tip in hopes he would bring me something good. I lied down on the bed; hard, just the way I like it. I was drifting off when the bellhop came back.

Miss, I brought you some food on the house.” he pushed the cart in. “Now, if you don't mind, I will take my leave.”

I smiled as he left. What would I have done? Killed him? Hahaha, not yet, at least. This hotel was known for many things. Gargoyles with crystal eyes. Peacock feathers replaced the flowers you would find elsewhere. The thing I was after was the Jade clock, hidden away behind many security devices. Not a problem, I was travelling all day and I would sleep before I caused any trouble.


 My phone rang. I never changed the ring tone, it was still “You Might Think” by the Cars. Damned Alice. “Hello, Elijah here.” My Boss had called me to see how I was doing.

Come anywhere near Alice, Eli? “

I could lie and say I just missed her, or I could tell him the truth. “ No sir she was gone before I arrived.” I heard a heavy sigh.

Alice Douglas, Age 29. Occupation - “

I cut him off, “ Sir, I know, I'll catch her, Just give me time”.

Elijah, were running out of time. You know she's going to strike again. Did she leave you anything this time?”


 I thought about the last clue I left for Elijah, knowing him he'll take it literally. He made me laugh when he does that I guess that is why I almost married him. Damned you Nostalgia. A few years with him and one day it all changes. You would think that I would of stopped with my job after I mean Elijah. No someone paid the right price to pick me back up and put me back. My coffee had gotten cold thanks to me thinking about my old fiancé. I got up and left a five enough to pay for my coffee and left.

The End

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