The Nation of the Valkyries

I am on my way to the nation of Valkyrion to get my weapons worked on by the blacksmith there. She is amazing, and she doesn't charge me because I helped her hunt down her daughters kidnapper.

"Welcome to Valkyrion, Hunter." The welcoming committee is so beautiful. But what would you expect in a nation full of just women. "Please enjoy your stay in Valkyrion."

Of course my first destination is Flowerpot Inn. I am going to rent a room for three nights, so I had enough time in the nation to have all of my weapons worked on. I also enjoy being able to walk around a nation for fun. I might get into a scuffle with one of the lovely ladies here to test my strength.

"Where are you headed, Stranger?" A woman with blonde hair in a large braid was standing in front of me. She looks rather intimidating with her large broadsword strapped to her back.

"I am going to Flowerpot Inn, Madam." I tried to walk past her, but she continued to block my passage. "Excuse me, Miss."

"You look kind of scrawny for a man. Do you eat properly? Or are you just another weak, little man trying to woo one of our lovely ladies."

"No Ma'am, I am just here to get my weapons fixed. If you must know, my favorite sword is chipped, my dagger is dull, I am running out of arrows, and I may need to stock up on paralyzing poisons soon." I had to look in my bag to confirm. "Yes, I am out of poison. So can I please get to the Inn to rent my room?"

"You will have to get past me first scrawny man." She began to draw her sword to attack me.

"Ma'am, I really don't want to fight you right now. Can we postpone this until my weapons are fixed, because I just don't think it would be a fair fight...for you." I couldn't help myself. I just had to say it.

"Oh cocky today, aren't we?" She put her sword on the ground and took off her armor, leaving her in a pair of leggings and a tight shirt. "Then we will fight with no weapons or armor."

"Alright," I removed my deceptive clothing (which happens to be an armor stronger than steel, but is as flexible and thin as regular cotton clothing) leaving me in my under clothing. ",let's fight."

The End

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