Meeting with the Unexpected

        I intended on going to Bloodrich but its heavily populated and there are sure to be hunters. So I instead went to the queendom of Valkyrion. The women there are lovely but don't get me wrong as soon as you get them mad you're as good as dead. The women love to fight for fun others call them brutes but they're not half bad. 

        Getting past the gate was quite simple, but inside is a whole new story. The women love to use big heavy weapons like axes and hammers. Its almost impossible to walk around without someone taking your head off. A woman stopped me in the middle of the path and grabbed my arm.

          ''Follow me. I know exactly who you are.'' She said in a soothing yet rugged voice. Her brown hair laid back and I couldn't see much of her face. My first reaction was to pull away and run. She caught me by the foot and continued to drag me to the unknown.

          ''Welcome to the sanctuary.''A new woman her voice cold and demanding authority.

           ''Who the...''I said as I was viciously kicked in the gut. As I fell to the ground, I struggled to catch my breath and get back to my feet.

          ''Watch your dirty mouth boy,''She said with a smirk''be lucky we let you into our home. What do we have here?'' 

          ''Hey hands off!''As she reached for my coin pouch. Inside it was all the money I recently stole. While I was still on the ground I thought to myself.''What are you waiting for?''   

          ''Her. Now stay quiet!'' She said in a demanding tone.   


The End

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