The Hunter of the Roses

I was on my way back to the National Capital, which is where the king's castle is located, when I spotted a flyer nailed to a tree. Okay let me explain who I am. My name is Daichi Josho, and I am a wandering hunter. To be more specific I am the best hunter in all of the nations, so far.

"JACK NIGHT: WANTED FOR GRAND THEFT AGAINST THE KING AND HIS PEOPLE. REWARD $10,000 FOR HIS HEAD." Wow what on earth did this kid steal to earn such infamy.I may need this bounty later, so I will put this in my bag.

I walked into the Capital with my latest conquest in my bag along with the flyer depicting the reward.

"State your business hunter!" A gate guard...really?

"I am Daichi Josho, and I am hear seeking audience with the king to retrieve my reward for bringing him the head of The Dragon. You know who he is don't you? The most feared warrior of the neighboring nations that went rouge."

"Yes...uh sure." He looks a little scared to see that a young man my age took down someone so fearsome alone. I mean I am only 18 years old.

The capital city of Bloodrich Nation. It is said that once upon a time this nation was populated by vampires. But since the Great War of Blood, which was a war between mankind and vampires, they have been in hiding. I wonder if I will ever meet one during my travels.

Castle Bloodrich, the home of the Bloodrich family. I would be lying if I said it wasn't the largest castle I had ever seen. "Hello, my name is Daichi Josho, and I am here to see the king about his bounty on The Dragon."

"Right this way young master." So polite. The door guard led me into the king's chamber. "King Bloodrich, a hunter by the name of Daichi Josho is here to negotiate a reward for a hunt."

"Come forward noble hunter." This has to be the most regal kingdom I have ever visited.

"King Bloodrich, I have come to present to you the head of The Dragon of Valkyrion. Let us please negotiate the reward." I set the Valkyrie's head on the podium for the king to examine. I actually felt bad taking on the hunt because it was a Valkyrie, a woman, but as soon as I saw that she was as fearsome as the stories portrayed it became a personal conquest for me to see how strong I truly was.

"Good job, my boy. The reward stated on the flyer was for $5,000, I will have Bertrand go and retrieve the money for you." The king was about to go back into his chamber.

"Sir, please wait. I wanted to negotiate a larger sum of money for this hunt if you don't mind." Being a wandering hunter is not cheap.

"Very well, name your price. Surely you deserve a larger sum for taking down such a foe with no help." The king sat in his throne. Wow, he is nice.

"I wish to ask you for a sum of $8,000, if that is not too much to ask." I may be overstepping my boundaries here.

"$8,000 it is then!" With a smile on his face he clapped his hands and a butler came in. The king whispered in his ear and he went into a hallway. A few seconds later he came back with a small pouch with golden king's coins inside.

"You don't mind if I count these, do you?" I have been swindled before, and I won't put it past even a king as nice as Bloodrich.

"Go right ahead my boy. You do know the value of a king's coin, correct?"

"Yes sir. A king's coin is worth $100 dollars each, so there should be 80 in this pouch." I counted and they were all there. "Thank you sir, all of the coins are accounted for. I shall take my leave now. I hope to do business with you again someday." And with that I left the Bloodrich Nation in search of this Jack Night character. A thief with such a hefty bounty must be a worthy opponent.

The End

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