It begins

The story you're about to hear is about me and my companion and our adventures. Let me explain, my name is Jack Night a wanted 16 year-old thief with a huge bounty over my head. I've been in hiding for a while you can't trust anyone.Because just as you think you have a friend they stab you in the back for money. They have their finest hunters on my tail.

          As a child I grew up in the mean streets of the world, learning to survive on my own. My father left us when I was six years-old. He left my mother and I alone when we ran into credit problems. My mother died in a car accident when I was thirteen years-old. After that I became a thief to survive in this cruel world.

            ''10,000 dollars for anyone who can find him!" A man with a deep scowl yelled and screamed at the angry crowd."We shall bring him to justice!"

            "Justice my left...,"As I drifted off into thought. I was hiding in a bush with a camouflage track suit on as I was watching the speech. The speech was pretty boring until something,or should I say someone caught my attention.

            "I see him! I see him,I see him" He screamed at the top of his lungs, as if the whole kingdom could hear him. As soon as he said that I started running faster than ever. I had a nation chasing me. As soon as I was sure I was out of sight I took a rest for a while, and then continued running.

The End

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