Hear The Wind Sing

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Sure, you've read plenty of fantasy stories in your life time. Princesses trapped away, just waiting for their prince to come save them. Kingdoms under siege by dragons, gryphons, and creatures of the sort. However, this story takes on a different sort of theme. Lead by our 2 main protagonists, Mila and Gale, it's sure to be one of epic proportions. Mila is a Knight, serving as the only female on the Queen's Personal Guard. Gale is an Assassin, a headmistress of the Swindler's Guild. Now, you can probably see how this will pan out. If not, allow me to set the scene, starting off in Mila's point of view...


I rounded the last flight of stairs, leading up to the patrol area I governed at night. It was near the Queen's tower, in a watcher's post with a little walkway that actually lead to Her Majesty's quarters. As I turned to face outward, my view now directed at the kingdom, I smiled. My father had told me ever since I was a little girl, that I would never make it to be a Knight, he said that was for the boys. But, I'd proved him wrong. I'd gone past what he said I couldn't do, and became the first woman on the Queen's Personal Guard. Taking off my helmet, I turned my eyes to the starry heavens.

"Each and every day, father, I live to prove you wrong." I started to feel tears, but hastily pushed them back.

     I forced my brain to go back to the mission at hand, keeping my Queen Lillian Grace safe at all costs. Today, she'd called all the Knights and Personal Guard in for a meeting. She explained that a rival kingdom has paired up with the Swindler's Guild, hiring their top Assassin's to kill off 'troublesome royalty'. I propped my helmet and bow upon the stone wall behind me, looking out once more on the kingdom.

     People were bustling amongst the shops, even at this hour. Juolu was in just under a month, and people were still rushing to get their gifts. I admired how lit up and decorated the streets were, with tiny patches of snow dotting the corners from flurries earlier in the day. In my captivation, I had grown oblivious to my immediate surroundings. Hearing rushing footsteps upon the stone roofs of the castle brought me back to reality.

     Grabbing my bow and an arrow from my quiver, I turned my body sharply to where I believed the sound to be coming from. As I focused closely on the top of a shorter tower across the way, a prickly wind blew by, brushing my hair in my face, thus making me lose focus. Once I recovered, my heart seemed to stop and my blood ran cold. Just a few feet in front of me, stood what seemed to be a woman. At least, that's how they carried themselves.

"Excuse me, you shouldn't be up here. Intruding on royal property is punishable by a labor sentence." I reached for the hilt of my long sword holstered at my hip, when the person turned themselves around.

"Just a labor sentence? Honey, you're going to have to do a lot more than that to scare me." The female brought her face up, her crimson painted lips shining in the pulsing torch light.

"Ma'am, come with me, or I will be forced to engage." I brought the sword out, positioning it in my hand correctly.

"Let's dance, darling." And with that, she lunged at me.

     Somehow, the woman had drawn two daggers from who knows where. My blade luckily blocked both of her first hits, knocking a dagger out of her hand. That gave me just a moment to slice into her bicep. She screamed, dropping her other weapon. I readied for another attack, and began to charge. Before My sword made contact with her again, she tossed down a smoke bomb. I dropped my sword, covering my mouth. When the smoke cleared, I had to use the cloak attached to my armor to wipe away the tears in my eyes.

     As much as I hated to, the only way to report this without waiting until my patrol shift was over, was to leave my post and find another Personal Guard Knight. I slipped my helmet back on, holstered my sword, and went to grab my bow when I noticed something tucked under it. Getting closer, There was a lavish white rose laying under the wood of my bow. I slipped it in the inside of my armor, and ran down the tower stairs. Once I reached the bottom, a small group of Knights were gathered around the hallway that leads to the main hall.

"Hey, where's Lazarus? This is his post. Why is he gone, but you three are here?" I raised an eyebrow, looking up at the men.

"I guess big scary Personal Guardsmen like yourselves need lots of breaks. He's been in the tap room since sundown." One of them responded, to which I groaned heavily.

     I took off running. I held my chest plate a little away from my chest, as not to suffocate the rose. With my boots hitting against the stone floor, you'd think an army was coming. Nope, it was just me. As I finally reached the tap room, I threw both doors open with enough force to break a neck. Peering around the room, I finally laid my eyes upon Lazarus. The bartender was wiping a mug down, while Lazarus downed his own.

"LAZARUS! What in God's name are you doing?!" I blared, stomping over to his stool. I dug my hand into the neck of his armor, throwing him on the ground.

"M-Mila, *hic* What-What're you doing here?" He barely managed, mead clinging to his facial hair.

"You slimey, inconsiderate cumberworld! You're supposed to be on patrol! I was just attacked, and you're lying around in here killing your conscience!" I was livid, but nothing can sway a drunk man but more ale.

"You were attac- *hic* attacked?" His hazel eyes were finally making eye contact with me.

"We'll discuss this more when you're sober. Not like you'd remember anyway." I stormed off, clenching my bow so tight in my hand I thought it'd shatter.

     I left the taproom, heading for my personal quarters. By now, it was at least midnight, which is where I'd shift with someone anyway. Unlocking my room door, I walked in and began to change into a nightgown. taking off my armor, I placed it upon the metal hangers in my wardrobe. I dug out a vase from an old box of things from back home, poured in some water, and place the white rose inside. I placed the vase on my windowsill and drew the curtains, throwing on my nightgown afterwards.

     As I lay in my bed, staring at the flame from the candle on my nightstand, all I could think of was the woman from tonight. If it wasn't dark, I could've identified her easier and had more information to relay to the Queen in the morn. I'd just have to give her the details I had, which wasn't a lot unfortunately. I blew out the candle, rolling over in my bed, shortly thereafter falling asleep.

The End

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