The creature reaches out to you, ignoring the gunfire, and seems to be reaching for your face...Mature

"Give me.....g-give...meee...." It wailed, a low, desperate moan echoing through the warehouse. I stumbled back in an attempt to escape, dropping my gun in the process. I had nothing left I could fight this abomination with. Time was running out.

It's strangely clawed, dark hands reached out, wanting eagerly to consume me with whatever energy it had left. The hands loomed, almost at my face now. Every little cell in my brain began to explode with the agonizing wait for the thing to reach me. The seconds stretched out, as though someone had put taffy in the cogs of the clock, making the wheels spin slower, and slower, and even slower.

Then, as the icy fingers reached my jaw-line, the thing screamed. We both screamed. We were both burning at the pain of one another's touch. My skin, so unused to the feeling of a supernatural killer touching me, and the thing's surface so unused to the feeling of human skin. I already knew that the creatures were kept in quarantine, exiled from the humans and sterilized so that they were perfect and free from microbes.

This could have been considered a flaw, but the creator of these inhuman murderers had thought them to be perfect in every aspect. He, of course, was the truly twisted one. By taking small children, preferably boys, and twisting and electrocuting them within an inch of their lives, he had created what he called 'the end to the lifeless, tainted humanity as we know it.'. In the end, the monstrosity that came out of the process was gifted with limited speach, and also a restricted knowledge of how things work. Even if the thing could learn, it would be an enormously slow pace, since the body had been frozen since it's first injection.

The creator was still unknown, just as all our squad knew, since we were trying to find him. Our second objective was to discover and neutralize the mixture he had viciously pumped into the bloodstream of his creations to sustain them and maintain their supernatural form.

Back to reality. The thing was now attempting to get it's mouth as close to mine as possible, in order to suck out whatever was in my body that it would use in it's own system. I struggled, the piercing fire that spun over my skin was now numbing, though I could tell that as long I was in contact, it would continue. I pushed harder on what would have been it's chest, and clambered to my feet. My strength now ebbing away, it was finally time to run.

The End

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