Blood, tears and sweat mingled on my face, clouding my eyes slightly as I tried to aim the gun again.Mature

(Just a short peice)


I tried in vain to stop myself from crying with fear. That voice....that horrid voice....when would it ever leave me? I had been haunted by it for years, and now I was coming face to face with it's owner. I could feel my mind literally ripping itself up with insanity. My eyes were almost popping out of their sockets. I had to breathe.....breathe.....calm....down.....

Then I could just make out a face emerging from behind the wall. I aimed my gun, forcing myself to refrain from pulling the trigger too soon. I saw black teeth, freshly coated with a victim's blood. My breathing increased. I could also now see the cause of the dripping noise. It was the saliva, dripping from a hungry mouth.

My finger pulled back and I willingy fired bullets into it's ghostly, eyeless forhead.

The End

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