Monkey on Her Shoulder

"Ready" said Sergio.

"Ready as I'll ever be, let's do it" I said with more conviction than I felt.

Sergio crept towards the house, which was silouetted against the moolit sky like a creepy mansion from a Hammer Horror Movie.  The building was black except for a dim light morphing into the darkness from a small window at the top right hand corner of the building .  I followed close behind, adreniline pumping, palms sweating and brain racing.  This was normal for me, and the buzz, was addictive.  The plan was to open the cellar hatch which was secured by a heavy bolt. We had been briefed that the room containing the goods would then be directly above us and that  A staircase to the right of the door led up to the ground floor.  The door to the library was the 2nd on the right along the corridor and the painting was on the far wall directly opposite the door. 

With trepidation Sergio cut the bolts, and we both stiffened not daring to breath in anticipation of something going wrong and the alarm screeching out.  All was quiet, the tech guys had done their job beautifully.  Sergio descended first into the room below, I followed lowering my body slowly and silently. "this was easy, so why is there a monkey on my shoulder constantly repeating what if his son is really ill, what if he dies"

It was a cold dank room and the only light penetrating the gloom was from the hatch entrance we had just opened. As our eyes adjusted to the blackness I could just make out the door of the room.  I whispered to Sergio "The stairs are just beyond that door". 

The monkey had won, and I thought "I can't do this".  

Sergio crept forward and opened the door.


The End

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