They're all Default

Nobody's going to read this, but I had to get it out anyways. I'm sick and tired of one-dimensional media.

There's a g-glitch in the system

Only one c-colour shooting out of the prism 

They say th-they accept all

No matter where our b-background falls

Then why is it, that wh-wherever I look

On TV, a m-magazine, websites, a book

I see a s-sea with no diversity?

A false d-depiction of reality?

Not everyone's atheist or Christian and white

With blonde hair, blue eyes and the like.

Not all girls are curvy and thin

Styled to perfection outside and within.

Boys aren't all muscled and confrontational

And teenagers aren't all dumb and hormonal.

Please, don't continue to create these lies

Colonialism is supposed to have died

Stop being so afraid, to be the change

To prove to the world we're not all the same.

I'm with you, every step of the way,

It's not quite easy to discard in a day

Ideas and images that have been drilled

Into our heads, but even still

You will triumph, and lead us to a place

Where being different isn't a disgrace,

And media will reflect what is truly the case.

Now the time has come for me to let go-

To let your eyes float and flow

Away from this piece, and back to your day

I hope you have learned something during your stay,

But if not (I hope not) do as you may,

And try to remember what I had to say.

The End

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