My Butterfly

You were my
By your eeeeyes
Oh Butterfly
We said goodbye
But first your guy
He had to diiiiiiie
You were my…

“If you keep spacing out like that,” Terry says, cutting through my thoughts like a rusty saw through petrified wood, “you’re going to get a shank in your back before the end of the week. You gotta have eyes in the back of your head here, you know that Manny.”

“Sorry man. Seeing Nevada again is bringing back a lot of memories.” I glance around the yard to find that Ana has disappeared. I suppress a shudder and turn back to my cellmate. “What were you saying?”

“I was saying that maybe, after all these years of saying you’re innocent, you might finally have a chance to prove it.”

“Yeah, I can’t see her running up to the warden’s office to tell Old Baldy that it was all her doing and that I should be set free.” As I run a hand through my tangled hair I realize I that I need to get out of here sooner than later. I can’t give Nevada time to get her claws into me again.

“Maybe she just needs some… convincing.”

“No,” I say, too quickly. I meet Terry’s gaze and struggle to find the words to explain it away. “That won’t be necessary. I’ll just be happy if our paths don’t cross at all.”

“That seems unlikely,” he says as he turns to walk away. “You know they’re going to put her in with Pyro, right? There aren’t any empty cells in this place and they won’t put her in with any of the men.”

I watch him rumble his way across the yard, frozen where I stand. Against my will I look up at the nearest wall, at the barbed wire running across its top, and consider making a break for it right here and now.

*     *     *

Sleep is more elusive than usual tonight, and that’s saying something. I don’t think I’ve slept through the night once since I was thrown in this cage. I shift on to my side, coming face to face with my pockmarked wall. I need to get out of here.

I’ll have to corner the nervous rookie tomorrow morning, convince him that the two of us can bust out of here. Then I’ll send him off to distract the guards while I slip out the back door. It could work.

It would definitely work if I had Kate’s help.

I flop on to my back, which provokes a warning growl from Terry. I try to be still and keep my eyes shut but they open of their own accord and look to my left. Nevada is only a few cells down, right at this very moment, oblivious to my presence.

Or maybe she senses that I’m here, like a wolf smelling the blood of her wounded prey, unable to pinpoint its exact location but certain she’ll find it soon. I wonder what she’s in for. Maybe she tried to run her game on some other dazzled fool who figured it out just in time.

My eyelids grow heavy and I fall into a dream that part of me never wants to leave.

I trace my index finger along the outline of her butterfly tattoo, hanging suspended in mid-flight just above her right breast, and she purrs into my ear.

“Why did you choose that? Did it hurt having it done there?” In my dream I am free of my prison ink, my naked body covered only by her leg slung across my abdomen.

“My mother liked to tell me that I was at my most beautiful when I was in action, like a butterfly in flight,” Nevada says, running a hand across my chest. “So I got it done the day after she died, so that I would never forget.”

I don’t bother to ask how she died - it doesn’t matter and I doubt I’d get the real story anyway. I’m not so infatuated that I don’t know how little truth escapes those lips. I pull her on top of me and her hair blocks out the bedside lamp.

“Then lets get you back to flying,” I tell her but she shakes her head no. I scowl but she kisses it quickly away before resting her cheek against mine.

“First things first, Manny,” she hums into my ear. “We need to figure out what we’re going to do about Lonnie…”

The End

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