"Birds flying high,
You know how I feel,
Sun in the sky,
You know how I feel,
Breeze driftin' on by,
You know how I feel,
It's a new dawn,
It's a new day,
It's a new life,
For me,
And I'm feeling good." 

I've been singing that damn song all day. Can't get it out of my head.

I watch the inmates as they wander around the compound during 'rec' time, shuffling from one side to the next. Manny is over in the corner, with Terry, his cellmate.

Naturally, everybody else gives them a wide berth; no-one dares to go and talk to them if they can help it. We all know what Terry's capable of, and the only person he'll willingly talk to is Manny.

Better him than me, is all I can say.

Suddenly, there's a flourish of movement, and I spot Ana making her way over to them. What the hell is she doing?

The whole compound falls silent, as we watch Ana with baited breath. They have words, but I'm too far away to hear them. She points a finger at Manny, and I frown. What would Ana want with him?

"What is there to feel good about in a dump like this?" A cold voice asks behind me. I spin around to find a young woman, with long, dark curly brown hair looking at me suspiciously. She has a glare that makes you think she can see right into your soul.

"Huh?" I blink stupidly at her.

"You were singing to yourself , just then. You said you were feeling good. Answer my question please."

"Oh, its just a song. Who are you?" I demand. I try to inject a little ice into my voice; I hate being spoken down to, especially by another girl. She has a very 'do what I like' air about her.

"I'm Nevada, Nevada Reynolds. Kate Small, right?" I nod wordlessly. I'd heard that name before. "Yeah, well I've been assigned to you. Everyone else is downstairs being logged in."

She looks at me expectantly, which is irksome. I put on my best prison voice.

"Look, Nevada, at the moment, I'm supervising this lot," I gesture across the compound, " while they wander about and get some air. I will log you in when they go inside, and when I feel like it, got that?" I turn my back on her, and begin to look for Manny again. Not seeing him anywhere, I assume he's gone back inside.

I can feel her glare bore into my back as she thinks about how best to reply. I smile to myself - if she talks back, she'll have made an enemy for herself before she's even been assigned a cell. But, its against her nature to just take attitude like that.

Eventually I get a "Whatever". She sits herself down on the ground and starts inspecting her nails while she waits.

During the silence, I begin to wonder where exactly I've heard the name Nevada Reynolds before. I'm sure I have.

"Uh, Where you from? " I ask politely.

"Chicago, Illinois. You have no idea how many guys have thought it was funny to ask me if I am actually from Nevada. Thankfully, my parents weren't that cruel." She chuckles quietly to herself, as though there's some inside joke I'm missing out on.

The rest of the inmates have finally made their way inside, so I take Nevada down to the registry office to get her uniform, tags and number. It's also where we assign cell.

The clerk in there's sat at the desk, scrawling on a sign-in form.

"Name, D.O.B and offence please" he drawls.

" Nevada Reynolds, April 28th 1982, Murder." she replies with no hesitation nor any regret. The clerk raises his eyebrows at her, but makes no comment.

"Right then, Miss Reynolds, if you could just step this way please. Kate here will show you to your cell. Looks like you have someone to meet." He smiles briefly and I can see the mischief as he glances into my eyes.

I know exaclty who she's sharing with. Ana.

The End

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