No more, no more
This must end now
Stop it, stop it
I don’t care how
No more, no more…

“Hey Little L,” I said as I swayed up to the man nodding his head blissfully along to his latest musical selection. The nodding stopped immediately, bliss replaced instantly by rage. Put a few drinks in me and my charm was undeniable. “Mind if I pick a song for a change?”

“What did you just call me?”

“Ohhhh, that ‘splains it,” I told him. “You’re deaf, no wonder you pick such terrible music! Now I feel like I should apologize for all the mean things I was telling the bartender ‘boutchoo.”

Lonnie got to his feet with surprising speed for a man of his size and I stepped back to gain some space and time. My hand was halfway to my gun when She appeared between us from out of nowhere, like a magic trick. Her curly brown hair hung down to her waist, her olive skin was unblemished

I was under her spell before she said a word.

“Now now, Lonnie, you play nice with the other customers,” she told him with a playful smile before turning her attention to me. “Why don’t you go back to the bar and I’ll bring you a drink?”

She flashed a wink filled with sordid promises and whirled away to disappear into the kitchen. My eyes were glued to her hips every step of the way until a heavy hand on my shoulder spun me around.

“Stay away from Nevada - she’s my girl,” Lonnie said with a mean, ugly curl to his fat lip.

“No problem,” I said before heading back to the bar. Then, over my shoulder, “But I can’t make any promises that she’ll stay away from me.”


Terry is shaking my shoulders, pulling me back to the present. I give him a weak smile and nod before bringing my gaze back to the new arrivals. I rub my eyes but She’s still there, looking around the grounds with a blank expression. I turn away before she can spot me.

“What’s going on man?” This is probably the most concern Terry has ever shown me. I must look exactly like how I feel. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Well, that confirms that much.

“Something like that,” I tell him and his expression darkens. “Let’s go for a walk and I’ll fill you in.”

He glances over to the new arrivals before nodding reluctantly. I look back just in time to see Nevada and the two others being led in the front door, the scared one looking like he’s going to pass out at any moment.

We hardly take two steps before Ana plants herself in our way, her hands on her hips and something unreadable flashing in her eyes. It’s like looking into the soul of an inferno.

“Can we help you with something, Pyro?” Terry asks in a growl that I’m not sure most people would understand - I’m used to it though. I shift my weight from one foot to the other and scratch my jaw. I don’t like it when people call Ana that - it’s just an excuse to provoke her. We need to remember we’re all on the same side in here.

“Not you,” she says with a smirk, “him.” The finger levelled at my chest is steady as a rock. Before I can respond Terry swats her hand away with a snort.

“Some other time, Maniac. We got things to discuss ourselves, so you just take your crazy self to the back of the line.” He pushes past, bumping into her shoulder with enough force to make her wince. I shrug an apology and follow close after him.

“That chick creeps me out man. I’d keep your distance if I was you. Now,” he says, lowering his voice, “what’s the deal with you and the new blood?”

“You saw the last one off the bus, the woman?” Of course he had. “Her name is Nevada Reynolds.”

“She’s a real looker man - how you know her?”

“She was the waitress at the bar where Lonnie Jenkins died,” I tell him simply. “Her testimony was the reason I got convicted.”

The End

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