It landed on us

So what if we did happen to find a piece of a stolen police database? So what if we began purging the database of friends we saw? It landed on us, we didn't land on it, as the police would have said. Oh well.

I'm waiting, in my cold cell, as the bell begins to chime; Reflecting on my past life, and it doesn't have much time The opening lyrics of the song begin reverberating through his head, over and over again like a broken record. How ironic, he though, the song which he thought interesting was comming true. Well, minus the 5 o'clock gallows part, for now.

"When the hell do you think they let us out for Rec?" Spockeh's cell mate asked.

He rolled over on his cot, "I don't know Ninja, just keep it down will ya, we're in enough trouble as it is." He reminded himself of the times the guards lined up to go into their cell just because he was caught talking to some of the other prisioners. Another apparent strike on his record.

There was a loud buzzing noise from the end of the hall, and then an un-godly clanking and screeching noise as the 'doors', really an extension of the bars, began to move.

"Guess now buddy," He told him. Ninja gave a small smile, then trooped out along with Spockeh to line up for Recreation, their only moment in the sun.

After they were outside, they met with their other compatriots, the others who had wiped the database. They met near one of the only trees in the park area, all four of them this time.

"So, when do you think we should try to get out?" One of the men asked. His 'name' was Trucker, the police didn't even know their real names, convienant in a pinch.

"We need to wait," Bugger, the man who had actualy done the wiping suggested, "The guards will grow stupid again, then we can move." They all nodded their heads in agreement, remembering the last 'escape' attempt which had boiled down, for those poor men, into a hail of bullets from the guards.

"Indeed, so until then, keep it low ok?" Spockeh inquired. They nodded and went back to their duties. But they would only be on the ground for a while, then they would land on them.

The End

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