Inside Jokes

I glance over my paper at Charles D. Olsen as he walks into the Lounge after his rounds. An overwieght man, not particularly liked by anyone; we put up with him because he's our superior. Some of the other prison wardens joke that his middle inital, D, is really Dumpy, rather than David.

He's a loud man, and quick to anger. We often take bets on how long it takes him to scream at an inmate in one day, or how many times.

"Anything exciting happen?" I ask, returning to the latest political scandal in my paper. He grunts in response, and I take it as a  'no'. Olsen isn't really the wordy type, unless he's throwing a tantrum.

"What, no-body making a break for it tonight?" again, all I get is a grunt. " Not even Harry Houdini over in D-Wing? Man, these people are losing their gall"

Olsen cracks a smile; a rareity for anyone to see this side of Christmas. It makes his already chubby face seem that little bit wider, but then it disappears before you have time to properly register it. He lays the infamous red baton on the table, and gets out his own newspaper.

"The paint's coming off that baton again." I smirk., pointing to the black section of it, where he had dragged the baton across the cell bars "Dunno why you just don't have a black one like everyone else."

It's his turn to look over his paper at me now, and I see that I'm about to get a condesceding lecture from him. I'm not disappointed.

" Look Kate, I know that you won't understand, but it's important that these men fear me. As far as these criminals are concerned, this baton is red because I beat people with it. I know that, because you're a woman, you want to be nice to everyone. Its not mean, its just the way things are, ok?"

I roll my eyes at him, and stretch my legs. "I'm off to do patrol for a while, take a walk, ok? And don't worry" I continue just as condescendingly " I won't get hurt by the big bad men behind the solid steel bars."

I laugh inwardly as I watch his chins shake in frustration, and wander off to D-wing. Manuel's there, and he's always good for a midnight chat.

The End

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