They Who Speak, They Who Come

A small village lives in fear of wicked little creatures who feast on their children. Each day, the leaders must walk to a grand hall to speak with gatekeepers between their world and the realm where the nasty gnomes live. The gatekeepers feed them misleading information about the menace, or tell bribing citizens to hide in the other world while the pillage continues. Main character is a father, who eventually ends the predatory cycle.

(I'm a realistic fiction writer, but this dream was too w

I saw one eat Simon's daughter. It bashed her head in with a small, pointed rock, then bit into her forearm, licking up the blood as it smeared its lips and dark, ash, colored face. Their teeth scare me the most, each one sharp and gnarled. Their vests and pants are wrinkled and hang on their bodies like meat, with patches of uncleaned hair still clinging to the leather. I'd like to see the beast they make their clothes from. I wager they are far nastier than these tiny monsters that fed on us for so long.

The End

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