What they said

They say there is a better place,

And a worse.

I’m in the place in between,

Concealed in darkness,


But flying.

They said I’d be alright,

They said I’d live to see another day.

Screw them.

They said I would smell the roses,

But all I smell are ashes,

The ashes that once were me,

A healthy girl who fell into a trap.

They said I’d hear the sound of music,

But all I hear is the mind boggling sound of


They said I’d feel the love that I never felt,

Never would feel.

They said everything would be alright,

They said that I would be alright,

They were wrong.

They were wrong.

They could say all they wanted to say,

Hear all they wanted to hear,

Speak all they wanted to speak,

See all they wanted to see,

Be what they wanted to be,

And I wouldn’t live in their minds.

They wouldn’t give a care in the world about me.

So I sleep, not bothering to ever wake up,

Because I’m not me anymore.

I’m a poor soul trapped in an awful body.

I’m nothing now.

I’m not me anymore.

The End

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