Those Blue EyesMature

I'm falling, as time seems to slip away slowly, like a movie in slow motion. The punch to my face from the drunk man knocked me over, and as I fell, I could see all of them laughing at me, but I couldn't hear anything. Their faces painted in eternal damnation to my mind, shackling me to this dark prison in my heart. The food in my hair fell to my face as I hit the ground hard, slamming my head against the wooden floor. But that didn't matter to me, no. What hit me most was the fact that as I fell, I caught the image of my best friend, her lipstick smeared all over her mouth, her hair a mess, and she stared at me with horrified eyes...but did nothing except stand on the sidelines.

It cut deep within me.

The moment I hit the ground, all the sound came rushing back in an instant, colliding into me like a freight train. They were so loud, their voices whirled together like some voo doo chanting, clashing against each other. My head was spinning, and I struggled to sit up.

"Look at this bitch!" It was the drunk man who punched me, and he staggered over to stand over me. He swings his leg and kicks me on my side, and a gasp escapes my lips. "She's fucking helpless!"

He kicks me again, harder this time. I fall back over, tears filling my eyes. Everywhere I look, their demonic faces stare back at me, bulging eyes and open mouths, mocking my existence. I curl into myself, preparing for another swift kick. Please, please let this end soon...

"STOP IT!!!" A voice shouted, echoing strongly in the chaotic noises. My tears are already falling, but I look up to see a man standing in front of me. He wore white and blue stripped surf shorts, a plain black tank top and a black hat with the words "All Bite, No Bark" on it, a small pitbull logo near it. It was apparent that he pushed the man who was kicking me, because that man was stumbling backwards when I looked.

"Who the fuck are you?" The drunk man spluttered, stumbling around, but anger welled in his eyes. The man who pushed him looked down at me, and my heart stuttered. Gorgeous blue eyes looked at me kindly, filled with concern. "Are you okay?" He stooped down and helped me sit up. His touch burned into my skin, heating me to my ice cold heart. Unable to speak, I nod and look down.

"This fucker is helping that slut! He likes that hoe!!" The drunk man started to laugh, but it sounded more like a choked cough. He stumbled over to the guy who helped me, and playfully knocked off his hat. "He wants to get in your pants, you slutty cun-". In a blur, the guy who helped me spun and knocked the drunk man in his face, making him fly back into the crowd. Now the laughing morphed into egging on the upcoming fight. violence. Panic filled me and I fought against my aching body as I slowly stood and stumbled over to the guy who helped me. I reach out and lay a hand on his arm, enjoying the heat that filled me from our contact. He turns slightly to me, enough to see me, but also to where he could keep an eye out to the drunk man who was beginning to stand again. I'm drawn into his calming blue eyes, and breathing in an unsteady breath I speak.

"Don't. No. No violence." My voice is barely a whisper, but I knew that he heard me because his eyes filled with sadness at my words. "He hit you. No man should ever hit a woman, no matter what." His voice is like a soothing wave, calming my pounding heart and nerves. I shake my head slowly, the room still spinning. "Please. No." His eyes stared into mine, and though I got uncomfortable, I couldn't look away.

Slowly, his stance relaxed, but he kept staring into my eyes, never looking away and not even blinking. Finally, when I felt like my heart was going to burst from the eye contact, he nodded. "Fine, for you." He broke eye contact, leaving me feeling like I just had an adrenaline rush. He turned to appraise the drunk man, who looked crazed and ready to kill. "Next time you hit her, or any woman, I'll find you, and I'll make you regret it."He then wrapped his hand around mine and slowly led me to the door. 

"You're a fucking faggot!!" Voices echoed behind us as we trudged to the door. "She's a slut!!" A girl around my age broke through the crowd and pulled on the guy with blue eyes arm. "Jake." Her tinkling voice was slurred, but I couldn't deny her beauty. She had the face of a pixie, fair and full blonde hair. The only thing wrong was her brown eyes, filled with a scowling emotion, kind of making her seem older than how she really was. "Don't do this Jake. Just because we broke up doesn't mean you should go find the nearest girl to run off with. Especially this slut. You can do so much better than this ho-"

Jake, the guy with blue eyes, narrows his eyes at the beautiful girl and tightened his hold on me. "You're right Victoria, I can do better, but better than you. And frankly, that would be this girl right here. And get your facts right Vic, she's not the slut, you are. Who cheated on me with 7 other guys, all at the same time? That's right, you." Victoria reddened and opened her mouth to plead once again. "We're done Vic, finished. I honestly don't even know what I was thinking when I started to date you. I regret the day I met you." And with that, Jake whipped open the door and walked out into the night with me in tow, leaving behind a shocked Victoria, raging crowds and my best friend, who still stood there with the same look in her eyes.

The End

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