Just For TonightMature

The party was a whirl, filled with the raw excitement of being invited to one of the hottest bash in the neighborhood. Even in my euphoric state, I could see the lust in people's eyes, the animal that took over everyone's mind. It was like we were all obedient subjects to one order,  to one drive. The overcoming desire to be needed. No matter for what purpose.

All of us except for her, my best friend.

She stared in horror at the laughter, the moans of the people that crowded her, myself included. The men that rubbed up against their women contaminated her conscience, making her uncomfortable. It was driving her to the edge.

Of course, I thought it was just an overreaction. Just a lonely girl that finally got a taste of what popularity could give you. The addicting fame, the love-crazed stalkers, it was my dream to be part of this group. This night was my oppurtunity, my time to become known. To leave behind the shy little freshman, the little nut that was too afraid to say hi to anyone, and to portrait a strong, wild woman.

And my crush gave me exactly what I wanted. He asked me to dance, a softly spoken word, an invitation. And like a love-sick girl, i accepted. The rush was exquisite, like heroin to a druggie. The feeling of being wasnted, no, needed just gave me a push to let me go. To become someone else.

He took me to the upstairs bedroom, his desire in his eyes. His sweet kiss lingered, tainted with the taste of alcohol and citrus. We were becoming one, a single individual. The want of him was too much, just kissing him wasn't enough. I needed him.

The sound of the bedroom door being slammed open startled us both. It was Mikey, my crush's best bud. His golden spiked hair glimmered with sweat, and I could smell the Axe cologne Mikey wore, mixed with sweat and liquor.

"Dude. Downstairs. Now. You GOTTA see this!!!!!" Mikey yelled. The scent of whiskey hit me, the strong booze just saying IM DRUNK!!!! IM DRUNK!!! Disgusted, I follow Mikey from behind my crush, curiousity painted on my face.

The sight that greeted us made my breath get caught in my throat. It hitched up, a strangled cry that was silenced by the laughter of a maddened crowd. My best friend, a foreigner to this beautiful world of mine, was falling victim to a knock in the face.

That moment, I could see it all. Her tears, her little fingers reaching up for something to get a hold of, the food in her hair. The black eye that was forming on her face. It was all coming up to me, it was saying THIS IS YOUR FAULT.... YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE LEFT HER.


The End

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