They may take our lives...

Matt stood on the battlements and surveyed the scene bellow him. His city was in ruins, the Tau had destroyed everything. The only standing structures were half the outer wall on which he now stood and the statue of the Emperor that stood in the middle of the rubble half of his face blown off. Blasphemy. They would be made to pay. He climbed down to ground level, shouldered his lasgun and walked through the wreckage, bodies, that was the most disturbing thing. He sent a shrill whistle through the city. It was last desperate cry to find any other surviving guards hidden in the rubble. He got no reply so turning his back on the city in which he had lived all his live, he set out into the snowy bleak wilderness to find the alien scum who took everything from him. The wind screaming in his ears like a warning of what was to come. 

The End

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