They Killed Me Last

 screamed watching as they dragged my father away. Sweat ran down my back and blood covered my ripped clothes. <<Where were they going to take him this time? Could this really be the end?>> One of the men in red grabbed me, pulling me to the pit that was filled with dead body's. He pointed to a corps of another little girl who looked even younger then my sister in the pit. "If you don't listen we will kill you." He laughed and shoved me over to a truck where they were loading people who were blind folded and crying. Someone wrapped a black cloth around my eyes but I couldn't turn around to see who it was. Suddenly I felt something metal touch my back. It was a shovel. "Get in!" A deep female voice commanded. <<No!They couldn't make me leave father. Father did nothing wrong. Where is brother. Where is the hero mother told me about from the stories. There is no hero is there? It was all a lie to help me get to sleep.>> I herd a yelp come from beside me and I realized I was sitting on someones leg. I quickly adjusted myself so that I lay crumpled on the plastic bottom of the truck. The crying of people surrounded me from all sides and I kept getting cramps in my side. There was this smelly toxic odder coming from what I believed was the back of the truck. <<They were finally going to do it. They were finally going to kill me.>>  I  felt a sudden pain of hatred, something i had never felt before.<< I hated Pol Pot, I hated the Khmer Rouge and one day I would kill them all. Slowly and painfully, for all the lives they took, all the monstrous torture they had committed. They were monsters! They were the daughters and sons of the devil. God would kill them. God will fix this.>> I slowly bowed my head and rested it on the floor of the truck. I could taste blood in my mouth. I swallowed saliva trying to rid myself of the taste but it didn't work. <<What had I done that made me deserve this. Was I really a bad person to them?>> Finally the truck stopped and loud voices sounded near by. It was obviously an argument. There was a loud shot in the air. Someone had let off a gun. It wasn't a supprise to hear a gun fire, it was normal thees days. Someone removed my blindfold. I turned around to see a man in red with a rifle in his hand. "You first girl, go stand over there." He pointed to a tree. We were on a deserted road with fields and crops on the side. It was sunny outside and it took my eyes a minute to adjust to the light. After I had walked over to the tree others followed me. We stood in a line. Once everyone was unloaded from the truck the man with the rifle stood in front. <<They are going to shoot us down one by one.>> I thought. The man raised the rifle and shot the first lady who was on the other side of me. I winced. "In the name of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge." All the men raised there arms to there chests and repeated what the rifle man had said. " In name of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge." The rifle man continued. "We are the new, we are the now, we are the Khmer Rouge!" The men cheered. "You have been sentenced to death for going against the law. You disappointed Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. You disappointed your country and you disappointed your family's. You are cowards who do not fit in the new world. We will all be even one day. We will all be paid the same. We will all be happy. But first you must die. In the name of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge you must end!" The men cheered a second time. Then one by one they shot us down. The last thing I remembered was fathers voice inside my head. "Be strong my beautiful girl. Be strong and soon we will be together" And then just like that, everything went black.

The End

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