Chapter 92 (Anonymous)Mature


Master Argos poured his visitor coffee, just the way as it had always been - scalding hot, the strongest roast possible. He tried not to shudder at the eyes of the one who sat across from him.

Red-hot, searing eyes, they were - eyes that tore through the skin and the sternum and wreaked havoc upon the very heart, the very soul.

"Something has changed," he said to his visitor, tapping his toes on the floor. He was intimidated. Intimidated, and he was the Head of the Force! Why did one measly Force official cause his skin to crawl? It was downright unprofessional.

"Yes." One simple word, and it was laced with nothing but fury.

Master Argos took a sip of his own coffee, lukewarm by comparison. "What has changed?"

"Everything." The visitor, clad in the usual dark robes, stood and gripped the edge of the table. "Everything has changed."

"Anything in particular?"

There was pure silence, and then, the sound of a woman's agonized scream cut through the air.

"She knows."

The End

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