Chapter 91 (Casady)Mature


It was dark, or at least, the interior of the building was dark. Casady wasn't sure what the weather was like outside, because he hadn't been outside for as long as he couldn't remember. Which wasn't long, considering he only had memories of being in this Force-controlled building.

Casady had sent a dinner invitation to Aretta. It was risky, considering tonight was one of the last few nights Casady's group had left for competition rehearsal. He hoped the hours would not be wasted. He would eat with Aretta, speak with her about being authorized for access to places previously restricted, and then leave. He had already drawn the line: he would not so much as touch Aretta. Yes, it was important he appear interested in Aretta - how else would he convince her to give him access? - but he was not about to sacrifice more than was necessary.

Goodness, Casady felt like an object to be used. Since when had he become willing to toy with a female's heart, in order to serve an ulterior motive?

Even though he knew Aretta was greatly attracted to him, Casady had been somewhat surprised when she had accepted his dinner invitation. She was a winner, and he, just a student. What did she see in him that drew her to him in such a strong way? Casady propped his elbows up on the table and rested his head in his hands. Aretta was late. Maybe she wouldn't show up at all. Maybe cancelling rehearsal with his Singers had been an unwise move.

The clock's ticking was getting on Casady's nerves. He wanted nothing more than to smash the thing to pieces. All it did was remind him of the precious time being stolen from him. Come on, Aretta. I haven't got all night.

Shivering, Casady watched the doorway, willing Aretta to enter. She was the only chance any of them had left.

The End

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