Chapter 89 (Casady)Mature


Listening to Rune and Morgance argue was making Casady sick. If Morgance had not slid in beside him, therefore making it impossible to escape without shoving Morgance off the bench, Casady would have leaped from the cubicle and run in the opposite direction. The sound of Morgance complaining and Rune scrambling to calm her was grating on Casady's nerves.

Miffed, Morgance turned to Casady. "So. What are the two of you talking about?" She gave a sardonic smile. "Well, besides music, obviously." She grasped one of the pages and tore it in half.

Rune gasped slightly and picked up the sheet music that now lay in halves. "Come on, Morgance," he muttered through gritted teeth.

"Why?" Casady quietly murmured to himself. Why had Rune and Morgance been chosen? They were doing nothing but bring down the morale of the trio. If they were still allies, that was. He wasn't sure if Rune really intended to work with him and Vinnia. Why couldn't Casady have someone like Brookie as an ally? Oh, how he wished Rune and Morgance had not been the two others chosen to rock the fate of the Force...he shook his head and drummed his fingers on the table. "Guys. Focus."

"Right." Rune turned to Casady. "It said 'Authorized Personnel Only.' We all know that none of us are authorized. The only person who would stand a chance of being able to get through even one of the gates to Ground Zero is Vinnia, and she's gone."

"And why do we need to get to Ground Zero?" Morgance interrupted.

Casady took a deep breath and met Rune's eyes. Answering Morgance's inquiry without once moving his stare from the dangerous man across the table, Casady replied, "We think Ground Zero and the medical clinic it contains are the very heart of the Force."

The End

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