Chapter 88 (Morgance)Mature


Morgance's first thought, upon seeing Rune and Casady talking without her, was that something was wrong.

Her second thought was filled with fury. They had rendezvoused without letting her know? It was exclusive and cruel, that was what it was!

"Thanks for inviting me," Morgance shot out, stepping into the room.

They were seated in a practice cubicle, sheet music spread out in front of them. Here, in the Song practice cubicles, the Force had turned off the microphones on the cameras they had installed. They did not want anyone to hear or record the Songs the Singers were practicing in the cubicles; everything about the rehearsing for the competition was meant to be kept as absolutely secret as possible. The cameras, however, were still running, still transmitting video to those who monitored activity. That, Morgance guessed, was why Rune and Casady had laid out sheet music in the line of vision - to appear as though they were studying.

Rune and Casady exchanged a glance, which irritated Morgance further. "No, seriously, thanks," she said, and she took a seat beside Casady, trying to spite Rune as much as possible. "I know we're all in this together, which is why I appreciate you guys trying to meet with - "

Casady interrupted. "That's interesting, Morgance, because until Rune started talking to me a few minutes ago, I was pretty sure the two of you were freelancing."


Casady's eyes narrowed. "Not cooperating with anyone but yourselves," he said, his voice low, even though no one could listen in.

Keeping up the pretense, Rune pointed at a measure on one of the pages before replying, "Yeah, well, I've been thinking, and if we're going to get out of here, we all need to stick together." He rustled the pages, then held one of them up to his face, as though studying it intently. "Morgance, we didn't invite you, because we didn't want to appear too suspicious."

Morgance crossed her arms, unconvinced. "Rune, the two of us haven't talked about cooperation. So you're running around behind my back, making the decision that we're going to join Casady and Vinnia?"

Rune shook his head. "This is why I didn't invite you."

"Why? Because you're making choices about my future without consulting me, first? Thanks, Rune. Thanks for thinking about what it would do to me."

The End

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