Chapter 85 (Flashback)Mature


Vinnia trembled as they approached. Should she deny her involvement? Should she stand there and laugh in their faces? Should she turn and run? The only thing she could not do was take them on. There were nine of them. If there had only been one, or two, or maybe even three, she could have defeated them; living on the streets had taught her a thing or two. But nine of them? Physical offense was impractical.

All these thoughts crossed Vinnia's mind in the space of a few seconds. She took a step back, but the wall pressed against her, refusing to let her retreat more. Biting her lip, she weighed the options and knew what she had to do.

There was no denying the truth.

"So, then, you've finally figured it out," Vinnia called out, holding her chin up high and setting back her shoulders. If she was to die, she would die with dignity. "You've finally come to realize what I've been doing, the past few hellish years."

They stopped advancing as an order came through the crackling intercom. A series of numbers was announced.

"I don't know what's going on, and I don't know if I'll live to see another day, but I do know this: I don't regret anything." Vinnia hesitated, then took a step forward. Why spend the last few minutes of her life, backed up as far as she could go? It would only speak cowardice to those who witnessed her.

They came toward her again, steps mechanical. Their minds were controlled. If given the choice, would they really kill the only one who had ever given them a glimmer of hope?

"So before you kill me," Vinnia called, voice clear and strong and confident, "I have one thing left to say. One Song left to Sing."

She looked at the walls, desperately attempting to locate a camera. There were none in sight. Well, then. If she could not look the Force directly in the eyes, then she would not let anyone have the pleasure of seeing her eyes at all - knowing her luck, they were filled with fear, anyways. She opened her mouth and Sang the Song of Freedom.

The End

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