Chapter 84 (Morgance)Mature


Panic rose within Morgance, and she blinked rapidly, attempting to keep her shock under control. "They said what, Rune?" she whispered, almost breathless.

"I couldn't hear everything clearly - they were speaking in hushed tones, and some other guards found me eavesdropping and led me away, after a minute or so. But I think they're planning to ruin Vinnia. How, I don't know. But they were angry, Morgance. And if she's our Head Instructor, then what's going to keep them from believing we're in on it, too?"

"In on what?"

"On whatever it is they've convicted Vinnia of!" Rune burst out, and Morgance jumped at his sudden raising of voice.

Pressing her hand against her chest, Morgance swallowed and closed her eyes. The realization that Vinnia would likely be the downfall of them all was not a welcome one; in fact, she was filled with so much hatred that she could barely keep on her feet! "If they kill us, Rune, I pray I can return as a ghost and make the rest of Vinnia's life more miserable than it already is!"

Oh, yes. Rebellion was stirring, and in more ways and more places than just one. It was only a matter of time. Morgance regained control...but barely. Barely.

The End

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