Chapter 83 (Vinnia)Mature


It was all Vinnia could do to keep from wringing her hands and bouncing on her heels. Nervous, nearly to the point of hysteria, she waited for Casady. How long did it take for him to cross the room? Willing him to walk with greater urgency, Vinnia bit her tongue until it bled. The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth and her senses, calming her ever so slightly. That seemed to be the effect of pain anymore.

"Vinnia," Casady said, nodding his head in greeting. He appeared to be quite unnerved by Vinnia's arrival, something Vinnia hoped to change.

"Casady, come with me," Vinnia said, her tone low. You must keep up the appearance of calmness, Vinnia, you must! Forcing her steps to be natural and uncalculated, Vinnia led Casady from the room. "I've something I must discuss with you," she said, hating how near trembling her voice was.

Casady stopped, for even though Vinnia was doing well in keeping her nerves under wraps, he seemed to sense the unspoken threat. "Something's happened."

"I might be gone for awhile," Vinnia replied, then took a moment to inhale deeply. "I need to know if I can trust you to keep the others under control."


"Meaning, for reasons I can't explain, I might not be back in time to finish off the rest of the festival preparations. Better than anyone else, you know the music, and you know the choreography. Can I entrust our compositions to you?" It was a gamble, but it was the only thing left for Vinnia to do.

"Yes, you can, but can't you tell me what's going on? Even just a bit?"

Glancing away, Vinnia weighed the options, then met Casady's eyes. "I was speaking with Rune, when unexpectedly, Force guards came into the office and demanded a meeting with me. The events of the meeting are things I can't disclose - not yet - but the result is this: you might never see me again, Casady. They might be planning to kill me."

The End

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