Chapter 80 (Morgance)Mature


Morgance didn't know whether to be flattered that Rune had stood up for her in such a way, or disgusted that she hadn't reacted quickly enough to defend herself. Either way, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror, aware of the fact that she was supposed to be attending Singing group - but not caring that she was being delinquent. Who cared, whether or not she showed up for practice? It was all a lie, all a game, anyways. It wasn't as though what she did actually mattered.

If she did not cooperate, they would punish her and find a replacement. Easy enough. She wasn't afraid of the ways they could hurt her. Not anymore. Not since her flashback.

Outside the bathroom door, Lisha was humming some sort of obnoxious tune. Apparently, she was tidying up the dormitory, as well, because Morgance could hear the sounds of dresser drawers opening and closing. Sighing at her misfortune of having the worst possible roommate, Morgance returned her attention to the mirror.

She would have to re-dye her hair. The roots of her deep brown hair were just beginning to show. She couldn't have purple hair with brown roots.

It then occurred to Morgance that Lisha was skipping out on the meeting, too. Well, let the girl play hooky. It wasn't as if Morgance wasn't doing the same, herself.

Of course, though, the dimwits that controlled the intercoms had to have their way. "Song meeting started five minutes ago,  ladies," the seemingly asexual voice blared out, making Morgance grimace at the loudness of the volume. "There will be consequences, if you don't arrive in a timely fashion."

In a timely fashion, my foot. Morgance smiled at herself in the mirror as a new idea overtook her.

She would show up, alright.

And she would make the Force wish she never had.

The End

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