Chapter 77 (Rune)Mature


Ever since what Morgance had told him, Rune had never been the same. Granted, it had only been two weeks' time since the news, but still. Rune could tell that his life had been altered forever.

Forever and ever and ever and ever and...

Glancing across the room, Rune watched as Morgance quietly ran a hand through her hair. She was alone, all alone. Rune wanted to sit with her, but Morgance wouldn't allow it. The moment she had told Rune about her flashback, she had distanced herself.

I just want to hold you, Morgance. You are still so precious to me, no matter what you think...

Someone ran into Rune from behind, but he hardly noticed. All he could think about was the pain that Morgance was clearly going through.

It was evident in her song, too. And though Vinnia pointed out that emotional voices were far more popular with the Force than flawless voices, even she seemed concerned about Morgance's sudden mood swing.

Everything seemed to be going downhill. Everything except Casady's voice.

Shuddering with anger, Rune turned and closed his eyes. It wasn't like him to be angry, especially not over something so trivial as jealousy over Casady's voice. Why, basses were far manlier than tenors - weren't they? So why would Rune ever be jealous of a tenor?

It wasn't Casady's tenor voice that made Rune jealous. It was the fact that Vinnia was so pleased with Casady's tenor voice.

You pick your favorites, Vinnia, and you don't disguise it. You have Casady picked out right from the start!

From across the room, Rune's and Morgance's eyes met. Transfixed, the couple stared at one another - until someone shoved Rune's side and made some snarky comment about how Rune was "making eyes" at the "sulking, purple-haired monster."

Purple-haired monster?

Purple-haired monster!

Oh, the audacity of it all! Swinging around, Rune saw that the comment had been from Oliver. Believing himself to be unable to contain his wrath, Rune had Oliver pinned against the wall within a moment's time.

Everyone around Rune went silent, waiting for his next move. But Rune was barely aware of the silence. All he could think about was how much he wanted to hurt Oliver for saying such a cruel thing about Morgance.

Chaos ensued.

The End

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