Chapter 75 (Flashback)Mature


Vinnia stood on the stage and clutched her microphone for dear life. Looking out over the empty rows of seats that would soon be occupied by spectators, she gulped rather loudly.

In only one week's time, the festival would begin.

Running her hand over her abdomen, Vinnia cleared her throat and waited for the piano note that would be her cue to Sing.

All around her, Vinnia's teammates held their breaths. They, too, knew that Vinnia Valdeza had something special, something that couldn't be taken away.

Or could it?

And then, the note.

Opening her mouth, Vinnia closed her eyes and planted her feet firmly on the ground. The moment the first note left her mouth, she knew there was no going back. There was no way she could ever pretend to be an "adequate" competitor. This time, she would unveil what her voice really was.

The silence after Vinnia's solo was tangible. Vinnia opened her eyes, only realizing then that they'd been closed the entire time. Turning to see her teammates' reactions, she was stunned as the sound of their applause hit her ears. Was she really that incredible?

Was she really that dangerous?

The End

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