Chapter 71 (Rune)Mature


Vinnia had commanded that the other members of the team - those who had not been chosen to compete in the Festival - be part of the competition, serving to be minor vocalists in order to enhance the general performance. 

But Rune had no intention of complying.

And not even Morgance was worth it. No, Rune intended to be as absolutely stubborn as possible. He didn't care that he would likely land himself in a "peck of trouble," as Morgance would say. All he wanted was to let the world know that he was peeved.

I want to let the whole world know that you just don't mess with Rune Pipher's voice.

The picture of anger, Rune refused to leave his room, even when the clock struck 3:30 - the time he was supposed to meet with the rest of the minor vocalists. "Let's see how you like that, Vinnia Valdeza," he muttered.

Someone knocked at the door, but Rune didn't answer.

From the other side of the door, someone called out, "Rune! Rune Pipher! Come here immediately!"

But Rune wasn't inclined to do so. He opened and closed the dresser drawers to let the person outside know that he was in his room, just to annoy whoever it was. Maybe it was even Casady.

That stupid Casady...

For a moment, Rune stopped his sulking to ask himself, "Why is this so important to me?" The question caused him no small degree of discomfort, but he didn't consider it for too long. Better to ignore the things that bothered him.

The knocking persisted.

Sighing, Rune decided he might as well see who was at the door. Taking mincing steps, he finally got to the door and twisted the doorknob.

"Rune Pipher, I trust you have a good reason for your tardiness," the Force staff member at the door immediately announced.

"Relax. It's 3:30. I'm not that late."

"You were supposed to arrive at 3:00 sharp! Your Trainer made that very apparent!"

"3:00? Oh, my bad. Sorry. I guess I am a little late," Rune responded, knowing very well that his apathy was getting on the staff member's nerves. Rune shrugged as though he didn't care about anything at all.

"I also have something for you. From that Morgance girl."

That got Rune's attention.

The End

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