Chapter 69 (Flashback)Mature


"You look beautiful, Vinnia."

A very irritated Vinnia refused to turn to the speaker. It was Quinn. It was always Quinn. Only this time, he was going to try to make amends.

"I said that you look beautiful, hon. Don't you hear me? You make me proud to be your husband."

Don't give in, Vinnia. He just wants to push you around.

"I think you have the potential to win all this, babe. Look around you. Do you really think anyone here has the ability to beat your voice? You're a legend here. Everyone loves you."

Unable to contain her roiling emotions, Vinnia whirled around and crossed her arms. "I know what you're trying to do, Quinn."

Quinn's normally handsome face twisted into an expression of disdain. "Really, darling, it's not like you to get flustered like this," he said, his eyes darkening with what could only be anger. "I just wanted to make you feel special, but I see now that there's no use."

"You're right. The bruise you left on my cheek was barely able to be covered up with cosmetics. Something about that causes me to be a little less receptive to your charm, Quinn."

"You know the people expect us to have a beautiful marriage. They look up to us and model their relationships after us!"

"They model their relationships after a lie."

It was then that Quinn lost control. He swore and pinned Vinnia to the wall. "Leave it to you to make me regret extending an olive branch!"

Pulse quickening, Vinnia struggled to no avail. Quinn wasn't finished berating her.

"Embarrass me in front of anyone tonight, and you'll have me to deal with, you wench. Do you hear? I can make you wish you'd never been born. Don't forget that you're bound to me, Vinnia Valdeza. I have power over you. I can make you miserable."

"As though I'm not already miserable?"

The door opened, and Quinn covered his threats by acting as though he'd been kissing Vinnia the entire time. Vinnia's heart yearned to break free, but her logical mind overcame her heart. If she wanted to be safe, then she had to kiss her husband back.

"Sorry to interrupt this lovely moment, but you're needed in the rehearsal room, Miss Valdeza," said the Force staff member who had opened the door.

"Don't forget what I said," Trace murmured in Vinnia's ear.

I could never forget. 

The End

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