Chapter 67 (Rune)Mature


Staying isolated was simply not an option, not to mention the fact that Rune was becoming very hungry.

Sighing, Rune opened the door and strode out into the hallway. He had to face the facts sometime. He simply hadn't been chosen as a competitor. I ought to be okay with that. It shouldn't be bothering me so much! Get your act together, Rune! 

Still, it was difficult.

"What about me wasn't good enough for the festival?" Rune asked himself, making his way to the cafeteria. He had to eat. "Why wasn't I good enough to be one of the chosen Singers?"

Because he wasn't watching where he was going, Rune ran straight into Aretta. Stammering an apology, he was about to walk away when Aretta caught his arm.

"Rune, what were you mumbling about when you ran into me?" Aretta asked, eyes flashing.

"Nothing, ma'am," Rune replied, humiliated that he'd been caught talking to himself.

"No, really, I'd like to know."

"I was just saying...I feel sort of inadequate because I wasn't chosen as a competitor. That's it." Rune tried to pull away from Aretta's grasp, but she held tightly.

"You feel inadequate?" Aretta asked, eyes calculating.

"Yes..." This is weird.

"Interesting," Aretta muttered, more to herself than to Rune. "That's quite interesting, actually. When did you start feeling something like this?"

"When my name wasn't called to be one of the Singers," Rune said slowly. Shouldn't that much be obvious?

"It's just so...strange that you'd be feeling like that," Aretta said, eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Tell me, what else do you feel? You know - do you feel disappointed? Or angry? Or depressed? I'd really like to know." Aretta's eyes seemed hungry.

"I suppose I feel a bit of all those," Rune said. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to go eat some dinner."

"Yes, of course," Aretta replied, letting go.

But as Rune walked away, he looked over his shoulder to see Aretta watching him closely. What is it with feelings, and why are both Vinnia and Aretta interested in the fact that I'm feeling things?

The End

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