Chapter 65 ("Sweet Love" Lyrics)Mature

"Sweet Love" Lyrics

Solo One
Bring me your heart, tattered and torn
Bring me your soul, wearied and worn
Bring me your life, fallen and frail
Bring me your love, panicked and pale
Come, come, come to the knoll
Fill up, fill up, fill your heart up with whole
Come, come, come to the brook
Come hither, promise me you won't look

Solo Two
Bring me your destiny, cold as it is
Call me your lover, and darling, know this
I will unveil your hidden hopes
And show you things you never have known
Watch, watch, watch as I heal you
But don't, don't, don't look for truth
Black, black, black as the night
Fill your tempted mind with fright

Solo Three
See what love has done to her here
See how her dead eyes glimmer with fear
See how her heart has been stolen away
See how her mind has faded to grey
Fear not, fear not, fear not, she now is at rest
Sink, sink, sinking was what she did best
Heed, heed, heed her mistakes
Never, never, never them make

All Three As One
Damned be those who falls for his words
Lost be those who fly as birds
Hopeless be those who soar to his arms
Worthless be those who are near to his heart
Starry, starry, starry were her dreams
Dead, dead, dead now they seem
Hasten, hasten, hasten to never speak of
The irony, the irony, the irony of sweet love 

The End

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