Chapter 62 (Morgance)Mature


Lisha. You have got to be kidding.

Morgance saw Rune leave the room, but frankly, she was too incredulous to follow. Lisha? Lisha had been chosen instead of Rune? Something was dreadfully wrong.

"You seriously chose my lily-livered roommate above Rune?" Morgance called out.

Vinnia, whose face let on that she'd expected such a reaction, calmly nodded. "I chose the Singers who are best able to advance in the rounds of the competition. You can always withdraw and let me choose another, though I can tell you it won't be Rune."

"I hate you."

The words slipped unbidden from Morgance's mouth, but they slipped, all the same. Everyone turned to look at Vinnia's challenger with silently shocked faces.

"Yeah, you heard right! I refuse to be in this competition! It's just a farce, anyways."

Casady grabbed Morgance's arm. "Wait, Morgance. Don't be hasty."

Jerking free from Casady's hold, Morgance snorted. "Don't be hasty? Like I'm going to sit around and Sing when Lisha's one of my fellow competitors! You've made a mistake, Vinnia. A big, ridiculous mistake."

"Morgance, the theme is 'The Monster Within.' I think it fits you rather perfectly," Lisha retorted.

Beside Morgance, Casady stiffened. 

What a little wimp Casady is, always fleeing from any kind of conflict! Well, soon the world will know what happens when it angers Morgance Estella! Morgance inwardly fumed. "You know what? I'll stay in the competition. I'll stick around and plague you all."

The pleased look in Vinnia's eyes bothered Morgance more than she could say. "Excellent decision, Morgance. I look forward to training you."

"I look forward to making you sorry."

Seeming to stifle a laugh, Vinnia waved the others away. "If you have not been chosen as a competitor, then Nigel Gressley will be working with you. You'll still be Singing at the festival; you'll represent our team. I'll be working with Lisha, Casady, and Morgance. Any questions?"

While the pupils asked Vinnia questions about the proceedings, Casady turned to Morgance. "Where do you suppose Rune went?" he asked.

Morgance shrugged. "Beats me."

"Well...don't you think one of us should check up on him?"

Still roiling from the annoyance of Vinnia's decisions, Morgance rolled her eyes. "He'll be fine. Right now, I've got a job to do. I'm going to make Vinnia absolutely miserable."

"Be careful, Morgance," Casady said softly. "I'd hate to see anything bad happen."

"You're just a chicken," Morgance said. She walked away, leaving a very confused Casady behind.

The End

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