Chapter 61 (Rune)Mature


Rune bounced on his heels and listened as the names of the chosen competitors rolled off Vinnia's tongue.

"The three students who will progress are Lisha, Casady, and...Morgance."

Rune felt as though the wind had been knocked out of him. What? Lisha had been chosen instead of him? She just wants to divide us! Vinnia only wants us to be weak! She's done this on purpose.

There was nothing else to do but leave.

Angrily stalking down the corridor, Rune threw open the room to his dormitory. How dare Vinnia tear him from his friends? She could only have been trying to weaken the trio! How dare she do something so brash, so uncaring? There was no excuse for it!

Normally, Rune prided himself on his even temper, but there was no helping his rage now. He flopped down onto Casady's bed and proceeded to tear his pillow to shreds. Of course, he wasn't angry with Casady. He was angry with Vinnia and resentful of Lisha.

Lisha? Really?

There was a knock at the door. "Don't come in," Rune called, still fuming. He was not in the mood to speak with anyone.

The knocking persisted.

"I don't want anyone to come in," Rune growled. Why did it matter to him so much that he wasn't one of the competitors? Ah, yes. He knew why. Even though he hated the Force, he felt an inexplicable desire to compete in the festival. It had probably been a sentiment inflicted by the Force itself.

You will pay for this, Vinnia. Though Rune wasn't exactly sure how. Oh, well. He would think of a plan in due time. For now, all he wanted to do was fixate on his bitterness and lie there, unmoving.

The doorknob twisted.

"Leave me alone!" Rune barked, and he found himself unable to keep one lonely tear from snaking down his face. What was the use of being in the Force if he could not win the title of Winner? What was the use of rebelling if he wasn't all that influential, anyways?

There was one thing Rune knew: he would never, ever support Vinnia and her cruel schemes.

 Of course, it was possible that Vinnia had selected Lisha instead of Rune so that the Force would not grow suspicious of Vinnia's preferential treatment of the trio. There was always that possibility.

But Rune only wanted to fester his anger.

The End

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