Chapter 57 (Casady)Mature


Morgance was late for dinner. Morgance was always late for everything.

Casady was irritated with Morgance. Casady was always irritated with Morgance.

The clock chimed in the new hour, and still Morgance hadn't arrived. Casady had reserved a small table in the corner of the room for Rune and Morgance and admittedly Brookie. He was starting to wonder if he would find an ally in the girl who had once been labeled as just another Force fool.

Eventually, Rune, who was sitting across the table from Casady, stood. "I'd better find out where she is," he muttered to nobody in particular.

For some inexplicable reason, Casady was annoyed by Rune's clinginess. "Who, Brookie?" he asked, just because he wanted to annoy his roommate. If only he could wring Morgance's neck...didn't she know her disobedience to all rules would land herself and those with whom she associated with in trouble?

Rune shot an annoyed look at Casady. Good.

Brookie, who had been talking with one of the Force staff members, made her way to Casady's and Rune's table. "Hello," she said, blushing slightly when her eyes met Casady's.

"Hey, Brookie," Casady replied, unable to keep the pleasure from his tone of voice.

Rune rolled his eyes in Casady's direction before leaving the two to talk.

"How's Singing?" Casady asked.

Brookie shrugged. "It's good," she said, "but I wish Vinnia wasn't so odd. It makes me wonder if she's hiding something. And I must tell you - this year's theme is creepy. In a cool kind of way, though."

"I heard 'The Monster Within' was Vinnia's idea."

Brookie shuddered. "And no wonder. I wouldn't put it past her." She ran her finger along the edge of the table.

"So you don't like Vinnia?"

Brookie licked her lips and hesitated before leaning in so that only Casady could hear her next words. Casady leaned closer, too, and was shocked by his dinner mate's words.

"I am learning to dislike anything that has to do with the Force. There; I've said it. And I won't be saying it again."

Taken aback by such open rebellion, Casady wasn't quite sure what to say. Finally, he raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean?" he asked, cautious. Perhaps Brookie was setting him up.

But Brookie wouldn't do something like that. Would she?

"I don't know, I just..." Lowering her eyes, Brookie shrugged. "I'm tired of not knowing."

Somehow, Casady knew exactly what Brookie meant. "I know. Not knowing is the worst."

Smiling sadly at Casady, Brookie could not have looked more dejected. "Sometimes, I just want to go home." She gave a soft sniff and looked away.

And then, Morgance appeared.

The End

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