Chapter 56 (Morgance)Mature


The next thing she knew, Morgance had been pinned up against the wall, her windpipe blocked by someone's hand on her neck. Struggling to breathe and finding herself unable to, she had no choice but to listen to the words that were spoken in her ear. She didn't recognize her attacker.

"Let me make something clear: you Sing, or Aisha gets killed. You don't remember who Aisha is, but you do know that she's important. Don't you!"

Morgance wasn't thinking clearly, but she did know one thing: though she couldn't remember just who "Aisha" was, she somehow knew that she would do anything to protect her. She tried to nod.

"Come with me into the Singing room, where you will Sing," said the man.

Letting go of Morgance, the man watched her fall to the floor.

Gasping for breath, Morgance lay crumpled on the floor. She opened her mouth to the ceiling and gulped in and out, in and out, as though she could never get enough oxygen.

"Don't hyperventilate," the man said, giving Morgance a swift kick in her ribs. He grunted.

Scrambling to her feet, Morgance followed the man into the Singing room. What exactly had just happened?

The Singing room was just as it had been when last Morgance had been in it. Only this time, she was going to Sing. Because even though she couldn't explain why, she knew that she had to protect Aisha, no matter what the cost. All she knew was that Aisha was dear to her heart. Other than that, Morgance was clueless. She shuddered and leaned against one of the whitewashed walls.

"I'll give you a minute or so to regain your bearings," the man said, sitting down at the piano and resting his fingers on the keys.

But who was Aisha? 

Wouldn't Vinnia be pleased to know that Morgance had finally succumbed to Song! Or would she only scowl and rub Morgance's stupidity in her face? Either way, Morgance was dreading the moment when her trainer found out what had happened. I swear, I will fight this every step of the way. Already, Morgance was renewing her old zeal for causing problems.

I swear, I will make you pay. I will make you all pay.

The End

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