Chapter 54 (Anonymous)Mature


He sat at the table, twirling his thumbs. Things were working out well - quite well. Master Argos was listening to what he had to say. Master Argos always listened to what he had to say.

Clearing his throat, the anonymous man leaned forward. "What do you think? 'The Monster Within.' It's dangerous. It's riskier than anything we've ever done. But I can tell you right now that it'll reveal Vinnia's true colors. I hate that woman; funny to think I ever fooled her into believing otherwise. All I want to see is her get hurt again. And this time, I'd like to be the one to do it."

Master Argos held his hand up. "Be sure you don't let personal motives get in the way, my overzealous friend."

The unnamed smiled. "You're right. Things will work out in their own time."

"Meanwhile, I suggest you continue to deceive Vinnia. Pretend you love her. I know you've already done that much; try to make her believe it this time. You've done so well so far - I'd hate to see your progress fail."

"It won't fail, Master Argos. I'll make a fool out of her yet."

The head of the Force smiled and raised his eyebrows. "I know you will. I'm counting on you to. I can't wait to get that little worm out from under my skin. She's a devil, that one."

"Yes, she is. I suppose I know it more than most." 

Standing, Master Argos shook his visitor's hand. "Be sure to encourage the theme; we want to make it as shaky as possible. We want Vinnia to look like a monster up there. It shouldn't be hard; we both know things about her than she'd rather keep hidden."

"We sure do."

Smiling evilly, Master Argos released the guest's hand. "Keep doing what you do best. I'll see you when the time is right. Until then, don't forget our agreement."

He wouldn't.

The End

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