Chapter 53 (Vinnia)Mature


The Monster Within.

It was perfect.

Not even the rest of the Force could deny the perfection, the poignance, of the new theme. "Midnight Melodies" had been a theme that had been done and redone and stretched to its limit; "The Monster Within" was a new idea that had never been attempted. None of the themes before were anything like this new theme.

Even Aretta and her silly glasses didn't seem to contradict Vinnia's suggestion. Adjustments were made, plans were set in place, and suggestions were offered. Everyone seemed both intrigued and wary of this new idea.

The competition would take place as it always had. The three best Singers from each group would be trained and prepared for the first round of the competition - thirty students in all. One by one, based on not only voice but also performance, the thirty pupils would be cut down to three. The third place winner and second place winner would receive nothing but the honor of having been finalists.

Vinnia had been a second place winner. But by all accounts, if she hadn't done what she'd done, she would have won the entire competition. She would have been the face of the Force. She would have had everyone at her beck and call. But it had been Aretta who had stepped up as the final winner.

The final winner would not only be declared as the best Singer of the students; he or she would be recognized among the Force as a superior Singer to nearly all and would be guaranteed an important position of some kind within the Force.

Aretta had claimed the victory; Vinnia had been summoned and told that what she'd done was disgraceful.

Disgraceful, indeed. But it had also been a wake-up call. Things had never been the same since...

The End

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